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  • noun

Synonyms for resistance



immunity from


  • immunity from
  • resilience
  • ability to withstand
  • ability to fight off
  • ability to counteract

Synonyms for resistance

the act of resisting

a clandestine organization of freedom fighters in an oppressed land


Synonyms for resistance

the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with

a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

the military action of resisting the enemy's advance

(medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease

the capacity of an organism to defend itself against harmful environmental agents

Related Words

a secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force

the degree of unresponsiveness of a disease-causing microorganism to antibiotics or other drugs (as in penicillin-resistant bacteria)

(psychiatry) an unwillingness to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness

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High resolution melting analysis as a tool to detect molecular markers of antiviral resistance in influenza A viruses.
Unfortunately, there is also a "huge potential" for misuse of these drugs, owing to prescribing physicians' poor understanding of the therapeutic populations, inadequate viral-assay testing, poor side-effect management, and lack of monitoring for antiviral resistance, he said.
For example, even though it may not be possible to predict how the drug will affect new viral strains, the drug's clinical effects and antiviral resistance profiles in seasonal influenza outbreaks contribute to the evaluation of the drug's likely utility in future circumstances.
labs since October 1, flu-associated hospitalizations, pediatric deaths from the flu and the antiviral resistance of the most common flu viruses.
Since September 30, 2012, a total of 205 influenza viruses have been tested for antiviral resistance.
Forty-four states submitted >20 specimens for antiviral resistance surveillance.
BOSTON -- The forthcoming availability of the protease inhibitors telaprevir and boceprevir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C is likely to vastly improve virologic response rates and cut treatment times, but experts warn that such advancements need to be balanced against the "huge potential" for misuse of the agents and the need to manage side effects and monitor for antiviral resistance.
Continued surveillance is important to inform clinicians and public health authorities regarding influenza prevalence, strains in communities, and changes in antiviral resistance patterns.
What is happening to antiviral resistance patterns and how are changes in these patterns affecting recommendations for treatment and chemoprophylaxis?
They added: "The emergency of oseltamivir resistance has highlighted the need for the development of new antiviral drugs and rapid diagnostic tests that determine viral subtype or resistance, as well as improved representativeness and timeliness of national influenza surveillance for antiviral resistance.
Laboratory data suggest that NS5A inhibitors can potentially be used in combination with any of these other HCV agents, to achieve better efficacy in hepatitis C patients and combat the emergence of antiviral resistance.
Since October 1, 2011, a total of 31 influenza viruses (five 2009 influenza A (H1N1), 24 influenza A (H3N2), and two influenza B viruses) have been tested for antiviral resistance.
We identified patients hospitalized in FluSurv-NET who had specimens submitted to national antiviral resistance surveillance by using Link Plus software to link antiviral resistance surveillance and FluSurv-NET data by patient county of residence, age, and sex and specimen collection date.
Influenza antiviral resistance is a growing clinical problem; as such, treatment recommendations are likely to change with time.