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Although many companies are focusing their efforts on developing viral inhibitors, cellular targets in the host are beginning to emerge as attractive possibilities because they might enable the development of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs with less chance for developing viral resistance.
When patients with the flu are treated within 48 hours of becoming sick, antiviral drugs can reduce symptoms and duration of the illness.
It was unclear why patient age increased over the 5-year period; one possibility is the gradual acceptance of antiviral drug therapy by older patients, who may have been worried about possible side effects of new drugs.
Implications: Herbal medicines and purified natural products provide a rich resource for novel antiviral drug development.
A medical revolution took place on December 6th2013 when FDA in United States approved the first oral antiviral drug Sovaldi.
There have been nine postmarketing reports of symptomatic bradycardia in patients who were taking amiodarone with Harvoni; amiodarone with Sovaldi plus another hepatitis C antiviral drug, simeprevir (Olysio); or amiodarone with an investigational hepatitis C antiviral drug, daclatasvir.
"Our findings suggest that PD1 could serve as a biomarker as well as a much needed antiviral drug for severe and lethal influenza virus infections," the researchers said.
Fifty international university-, laboratory-, and industry-based researchers contribute 20 chapters reviewing the latest findings in antiviral drug research.
THE antiviral drug Tamiflu must carry extra warnings, European regulators said today.
(ERDI), recently completed its analysis of a series of microarray studies with ReceptoPharm's antiviral drug candidates in healthy immune cells.
The Academy's Sir John Skehel said: "The decision to continue to stockpile just one antiviral drug is a major concern." He called on Tony Blair to appoint a "flu tsar".
Pharmasset, an antiviral drug discovery and development company, has leased 31,000 s/f of space at College Park at Princeton Forrestal Center for its new corporate headquarters.
And some 14.6m doses of the antiviral drug Tamiflu are now to be stockpiled by the Department of Health.
6) A research paper in 2003, based on data from southern Alberta, demonstrated that the cost of antiviral drug treatment per patient per month had increased from $655 in 1995-96 to $1119 in 2000-01.