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The researchers are also engaged in preclinical evaluation of other antiviral agents as potential treatments for Zika infection.
Various methods for local as well as systemic delivery of antiviral agents and vaccines are described.
To 1 ml of each of three concentrations (Lc, Mc, Hc) in case of every antiviral agent, 1 ml of normal saline solution was added in separate test tubes.
Chloroquine, long used as an antimalarial drug, increases endosomal pH and acts as an antiviral agent by impairing virus release into the cytosol.
Viral resistance has been much less of a problem with the two oral antiviral agents approved since lamivudine.
Tea contains tannin, which is an antibacterial and antiviral agent and protects against dental decay.
Doctors decided to treat him with intravenous drips of an antiviral agent twice a day as a preventive measure against developing pneumonia or some other serious illness if the virus continues to multiply.
There is now a tissue impregnated with an antiviral agent.
The results suggest that a simple chemical change can convert APOBEC3F to a more effective antiviral agent and that shielding of a common feature shared by related proteins may yield a similar outcome, say researchers at the University of Minnesota.
An investigational antiviral agent that could prove particularly valuable is an intravenous formulation of zanamivir, a drug still active against all strains of influenza.
However, before SP-2a can further be developed as a novel antiviral agent, its mode of action must be determined.
Andino review the role of RNAi as a therapeutic antiviral agent and its use by the host and virus during viral infections.
Also provided are methods of using the polypeptides, for example, as an antitumor agent, and antiviral agent, and antibodies and antagonists against such polypeptides for example, for treating Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis and head injury.
Valacyclovir is converted in the intestines to acyclovir, the active antiviral agent.
The clinical trial is named EVEREST and will assess the antiviral activity, safety and pharmacokinetics of a combination regimen of Danoprevir, a direct-acting antiviral agent and NS3/4A inhibitor, and Ravidasvir, an NS5A inhibitor, in treatment-naive patients with HCV genotype 1 without cirrhosis.