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Synonyms for antitypical

of or relating to an antitype


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By demanding that the Jews "bible" (724) or drink the powdered remains of the priests and then later reducing Maria to the eating of the shoulder of her child, the Siege-poet highlights the contaminated Eucharistic structure behind these antitypical acts.
I attempted to distinguish between traditional symbol and allegory and what I defined as "Hemingway's allusory technique." I called his religious allusions "antitypical" each containing a "central core of reality which can mean many things." Now, I'm not quite sure what I really meant, but it was a start.
By becoming aware of his antitypical relation to Rousseau, Shelley may avoid becoming like "The Wise, / The great, the unforgotten," who, for all their power, are chained to the triumphal car (S, Triumph of Life, 208-9).(40) Rousseau explains that their learning