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Antonyms for antitype

a person or thing represented or foreshadowed by a type or symbol

an opposite or contrasting type

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Consequently, Ulmer sees the midrash of Moses and Joseph's coffin not only as a means to discuss the memory of Osiris and Egyptian magic, but also to investigate the rabbinic perception and imagination about the meaning of Egyptian magic in an oppositional way, and to define and develop Jewish identity in the process; rabbinic discussion of Egypt and its magic is a hermeneutical antitype, imbued with artifacts which the rabbis invert, and for whom this magic and its identity with Egypt in late antiquity had also become a sign of the "other" and, "a metaphor for the Romans, Byzantines or other foreign rulers." (137)
On one level, Dinah serves as an antitype of Eve, especially in her relationship to Adam Bede.
As Saul is to St Paul, Izak is to Guizak: in both cases the Christian antitype includes and fulfills its figural counterparts" (Munk 248-49).
As it does in the quivering balance achieved between conqueror and shepherd in Browning's "Saul"--a poem Coleridge might have had in mind while holding Margaret's child--literary song has the power to transform the relationship of type to antitype, predecessor to progeny, and self to other.
In White's case, typology is not limited to biblical interpretation; for her the Bible provides the pattern, or type, which is later duplicated in American and world history--the antitype.
Gregory Kneidel's crisply written, learned exposition of the matter of Pharoah's heart leads to the recognition of scandal--also succinctly anatomized--as a "New Testament antitype of Old Testament hard-heartedness" (238).
Following a chapter treating definitions of "type" and "antitype" and their traditional uses, especially in commentaries on parallel figures in the Old and New Testaments, Courtmanche devotes a chapter to each of the four major romances, The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, The Blithedale Romance, and The Marble Faun.
Drawing on the rich literature on the subject, he shows how, in both works, Schomberg and the other gossips who haunt his veranda produce a form of degraded speech, inauthentic in lacking any identifiable source, thus making themselves into an antitype of the genuine storytelling community.
(12) For example, Adam as type is explained according to the ways in which he prefigures, predicts, and points to the fulfillment of Christian history in the antitype Christ.
But beheaded Winefride was restored by Beuno, patron of Hopkins's college; whereas Linus, son of Mercury and Urania, and type of poetic gallimaufry, who rashly believed Creation to be instantaneous, was struck down, either as the insolent rival of Apollo or as the obnoxious antitype of Hercules.
This is the grail castle's antitype, the Castle Perilous.
Rather, it becomes part of a typological linearity toward New Testament antitype in the scene in which Pandulpho brings Feliche's body to Antonio.
The "holy mountain" here is obviously not Sinai and likely not Zion, but the mount of the transfiguration, which becomes their antitype.
The Eucharist was upheld as "the external sacrifice, antitype of the great mysteries" (Oration 2.95).
Rushdie portrays prophecy and prophets with myriad variations on present and past traditions of revelation--mantic speaking, the receipt of visions and revelation, the transcription of the divine word, inspiration or divine possession, inspired dreaming, invocations of type and antitype, eschatological pronouncements, and prediction--so that the reader can examine their relation to violence.