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Antonyms for antitype

a person or thing represented or foreshadowed by a type or symbol

an opposite or contrasting type

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Christopher antitype, and begins to cultivate a latent and rechanneled kind of pedophilia, i.
Grendel's glove stands as something of an antitype to the protective, wonderfully magical creations that preserve the hero's body and his home.
Lancelot is ensnared by his adulterous relationship with the Queen, and Tristram, antitype to the biblical harper David, sings the erotics of desire and immediate fulfillment.
In this brilliant piece of epic improvisation, he remakes the Homeric model, and Lambro-as-Odysseus morphs to Lambro-as-Cyclops--the brutish, island-bound antitype to the wily sea-wanderer.
I have analyzed this typology elsewhere and here will draw attention to what I call the classic conservative antitype.
Its antitype is God's mysterious grace--expectably, since God, for Augustine, is the sole being we should enjoy.
is telling a story of Lechery and its antitype, Chastity" ("Chaucer's Bed's Head, MLN 30 [Jan.
4) None of this was of mere academic consequence, for wherever they looked in the years bracketed by the First World War, dispensationalists saw "signs of the times" that highlighted the nearness of all of these circumstances, and they concluded that the League of Nations was either the apostate empire's immediate precursor and antitype or the very entity itself.
The implication is that just as Josias clashed with Old Testament idolaters so his antitype Edward would contend with the superstitious and idolatrous papists.
This is a piercing insight, but implicitly damaging to Henry VII's cause, for Warbeck emerges as an antitype of the king, who may also have turned himself, by frequent repetition of a lie, into "the thing he seemed to be.
24) Yet Wordsworth's lines more directly connect the bird to her heroic human antitype, and, by her 'low sighs', link her and him intertextually to The Vale of Esthwaite's own twice-robbed mourner's 'swimming eyes' (l.
Yeats spoke of dreaming in color and its relationship to states of the soul, painting, poetry, cosmology, cycles of civilization, tragedy, creation, conflict, the theory of the soul and its antitype, mythology.
One widely recognized example casts Jonah's three-day sojourn in the belly of a large fish as a type and finds the antitype in Jesus' three days in the grave.
26) The most unforgettable instance of anti-Semitic corporal violence is the flaying of Caiaphas and other Jewish clerics, an act that the Siege-poet describes as an antitype of Christ's passion and crucifixion: