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any medicine used to suppress or relieve coughing

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Antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory activities of four alkaloids isolated from Bulbus of Fritillaria wabuensis.
2011a, b) and its antitussive effect (Hosseinzadeh and Ghenaati 2006) can contribute to its anti-inflammatory effect and could support the results of the present study.
Bakumondoto has been used as an antitussive agent in China for centuries, and is prescribed in Japan for the treatment of bronchitis and pharyngitis accompanying severe dry cough (Miyata 2003).
Clofera(TM) contains a non-narcotic antitussive, chlophedianol hydrochloride, in addition to nasal decongestant, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride.
availability of TussiCaps([R]) (hydrocodone polistirex/chlorpheniramine polistirex) extended-release capsules, the first and only hydrocodone antitussive oral capsule to provide powerful cough suppression for up to 12 hours.
At 4 and 5 days after treatment, the cough score of group B showed significant improvement compared with group A, demonstrating an early antitussive effect.
4 million of transaction-related costs that were expensed in the second quarter -- Company agrees to acquire the commercial rights to Factive -- Company submits an FDA regulatory filing for an extended-release antitussive product
Covidien also announced that it would be launching TussiCaps extended-release capsules, a hydrocodone antitussive oral capsule, later this month.
2004), anticonvulsant (Hosseinzadeh and Khosravan 2002), antitussive (Hosseinzadeh and Ghenaati 2006), aphrodisiac activity (Hosseinzadeh et al.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an extended-release antitussive product (CRTX 067) that, if approved, would compete directly in the large prescription antitussive market.
Qianhu (Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn) is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicinal plants as antitussive, apophlegmatisant, antiasthmatic and as a remedy against angina (Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission 2005).
They are Yi Mu Cao Gao (a motherwort herb electuary sticky syrup), Gan Mao Zhi Ke Ke Li (an antipyretic and antitussive granule), and Kang Gu Sui Yan Pian (an osteomyelitis treatment tablet).
Zelapar should not be used with the antitussive agent dextromethorphan and should not be administered along with other selegiline products.
Antitussive principles of Glycyrrhiza radix, a main component of the Kampo preparations Bakumondo-to (Mai-men-dong-tang).