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used in the treatment of cancer

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This, in turn, could improve cancer immunotherapy and shrinktumourss by unleashing antitumour T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.
Descriptive statistics were used to describe the patient baseline characteristics and antitumour efficacy.
Besides, it has antioxidant, antitumour and antibacterial activities [10,11].
Some of its biological activities such as antitumour (2), antibacterial (3), antidiarrhoeal (4), antifungal (5), antiulcer (6) and antifertility (7) effects, have been reported with various extracts from different parts of this plant.
Atu027, a First in Class RNAi Therapy, Demonstrates Potential Antitumour
E7080, a novel inhibitor that targets multiple kinases, has potent antitumour activities against stem cell factor producing human small cell lung cancer H146, based on angiogenesis inhibition.
Brine shrimp and crown gall tumors: simple bioassay for the discovery of plant antitumour agents.
Safety, pharmacokinetics, and preliminary antitumour activity of sorafenib: a review of four phase I trials in patients with advanced refractory solid tumors.
1) These diverse approaches aim to stimulate a T cell-mediated antitumour immune response.
Hypericin and hypocrelin, isolated from Hypericum perforatum and Hypocrella bambuase, respectively, have shown anti-HIV and antitumour activity (8), while other studies demonstrated antibacterial activity with UV light activation (20).
Antitumour effect of polyoxomolybdates: induction of apoptotic cell death and autophagy in in vitro and in vivo models.
Although further research is required, the results revealed gene E's intensive antitumour activity, which means that it could be used in new treatments for this type of pathology.
Neratinib has shown strong antitumour activity in a Phase II study of patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer [1].
It modulates the immune system, inhibiting inflammatory responses and plays antiangiogenic and antitumour roles against certain types of cancer.
These compounds, and possibly others yet to be identified, appear to act in concert in contributing to the documented anticancer, antitumour, antiviral, antibacterial and immunomodulating properties of this mushroom (Chang & Buswell, 2003).