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used in the treatment of cancer

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14) Further study is required to clarify the mechanism of high NLR on the progression of cancers and to confirm the impact of the NLR for predicting the antitumour effect of targeted therapy in mRCC cases with extrapulmonary metastasis.
describes in detail a complex redox pattern underlying huge multiple drug resistance (MDR) problem in antitumour therapies as well as the development and clinical use of oxidative stress modulators to combat MDR, thus enhancing efficacy of anticancer protocols.
The strongest antitumour agent was found to be sanguinarine, which intercalates strongly with DNA.
Docetaxel, classified as a broad-spectrum botanical antitumour and anticancer drug extracted and synthesised from needle-like leaves of yew trees, can form stable non-functional microbundles by strengthening microtubule polymerisation and inhibiting microtubule depolymerisation to inhibit mitosis of tumour cell.
Insecticidal and Antitumour Properties of Coral Epibiotic Bacteria From Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India, J.
Breathing in 40 to 60 percent oxygen as opposed to the 21 percent oxygen in air can weaken immunosuppression and awaken antitumour cells, BBC health reported.
azathioprine, 6-mercaptopurine and antitumour necrosis factor.
Preliminary in vivo and in vitro research into the antioxidant and antitumour properties of saffron or its active constituent crocin has highlighted potential in the prevention or treatment of cancer via reduced cell proliferation and progression along with increased cell apoptosis; however, further research is required.
Research has shown that thioxanthones have an antitumour activity and these combined with an amine, which is thought to have some P-glycoprotein inhibiting effects could possibly be the answer to chemotherapy drug resistance where p-glycoprotein is present.
Modern technologies have unveiled new dimensions of research in the shape of natural products from ocean and sea to treat deadly diseases as of many classes of natural products exhibit antitumour, antilukemia, antibacterial and antiviral activities (Kumaran et al.
RIT is given along with sufficient unlabelled antibody to saturate the non-tumour antibody binding sites, and to potentially evoke a direct antitumour effect.
Antinuclear antibodies associate with a loss of response to antitumour necrosis factor-alpha therapy in psoriasis: a retrospective, observational study.
The authors suggest that these findings may have implications for cancer treatment, since cancers use regulatory T cells to prevent their own destruction by antitumour immune responses.
Paths to stemness: building the ultimate antitumour T cell.