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used in the treatment of cancer

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Two remarkable studies uncover how the antitneoplastic drug Aplidin might exert its antitumoral activity in cancer cells (Abstract #334; Nov 20, 9:08 am and #345, Nov 20, 9:10 am).
Entitled, "The antitumoral activity and safety of AEZS-108 (AN-152), a LHRH agonist linked doxorubicin in women with LHRH-receptor positive gynaecological tumors", this European open-label, non-comparative multi-center Phase 2 trial will have as its primary endpoint the partial or complete tumor response rate according to RECIST and/or GCIG guidelines.
In summarizing the experience to date with single agent, multi-day administration of ONYX-015, the investigators noted that antitumoral activity has now been clearly observed and a high level of safety firmly established in a larger group of patients.
A study on the antitumoral and differentiation effects of Peganum harmala derivatives in combination with ATRA on leukaemic cells.
In vivo antitumoral activity of stem pineapple (Ananas comosus) bromelain.
an emerging pharmaceutical company specialized in innovative cancer therapy announces today the elucidation of a new mechanism of action and the identification of a biomarker of its first-in-class antitumoral lead molecule Dbait.
PN27,1 has been found in laboratory tests at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo to have antitumoral effects in prostate cancer cells comparable to cisplatin, a widely used, toxic chemotherapeutic agent.
Atividades antimicrobiana, citotoxica, antitumoral e antiinflamatoria de extratos brutos de Lappin alba (Mill.
Its main medicinal use is recognized as digestive, in vaccine formulation, antitumoral and skin debrider for the treatment of burns.
is a recognized expert on the development of antitumoral agents based on adenovirus.
Both crude extracts of C majus and its purified alkaloids exhibit a wide variety of biological activities (anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, choleretic, hepatoprotective, analgesic, antitumoral, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties) which can explain the traditional uses of C majus (Gilca et al.
Its biological effects range from antioxidant [and] anti-inflammatory to inhibition of angiogenesis, and [it] is also shown to possess specific antitumoral activity.
The mice were then given Neovastat in order to test its antitumoral activity.
This study demonstrated that CI-1042 can be safely administered via hepatic artery infusion and still deliver the kind of antitumoral activity observed with direct intratumoral injection, which is the mode of administration used in clinical trials performed to date," said principal investigator, Tony Reid, M.