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used in the treatment of cancer

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Furthermore, both once-weekly and twice-weekly dosing of APTO-253 in combination with azacitidine resulted in enhanced antitumor activity relative to either single agent alone in THP-1 and HL-60 AML models.
In ACT, a patient's own TILs are collected, and those with the best antitumor activity are grown in the laboratory to produce large populations that are infused into the patient.
Keywords: Maaoihelypteris torresiana Antitumor Cytotoxicity Activity Acute toxicity Subacute toxicity
In addition, data were presented showing the antitumor activity of a novel fucose inhibitor that can be administered orally.
While there has been less success in generating clinically effective antitumor immune cells against the squamous cell carcinoma seen most commonly in otolaryngology patients, these preliminary successes certainly are encouraging.
In addition to assessing potential antitumor activity and drug-drug interactions, the AMC also evaluates the impact of therapy on viral load and underlying immune function.
Chimeric antitumor necrosis factor-[alpha] antibodies have become an established treatment for Crohn's disease, and they should be considered for the small number of patients with severely resistant celiac disease.
The MDM2 antisense oligonucleotide demonstrated dose-dependent in vivo antitumor activity.
At the very least, there is laboratory evidence that the drug has significant antitumor activity and so some patient benefit should be expected.
Antitumor activities of compounds 2 and 6 were determined using solid tumor models.
Granisetron is commonly used in reducing side effects of antitumor therapy.
In a blow against oncologists' hopes that arsenic might serve as a versatile antitumor agent, researchers have found that the 33rd element of the periodic table may actually speed the growth of tumors.
The relationship between antitumor immunity, in the form of immunotherapy (either passive or active), and current strategies of treatment also needs to be explored.
The research will study the use of an antitumor natural product called amooranin.
Kerbel of the Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre notes that researchers are finding evidence that many conventional antitumor drugs may work in part by inhibiting angiogenesis.