antitrust legislation

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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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The second action has been filed in the Federal Court under United States antitrust legislation, which is conceptually similar to Australian and New Zealand competition law.
For instance, historians and academics once thought that the United States effectively forced antitrust legislation on Japan after its World War II defeat, but Freyer offers evidence that Japanese policymakers were actively involved in the development of the antitrust regime.
opposition to antitrust legislation aiming at the control or even
As per the European Union and United States, two leaders in antitrust legislation, and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's model competition law, and the Anti Competition Restraint Law of Germany, which was introduced as early as 1958, an antitrust law typically includes three broad elements: anti-cartel or collusion mechanisms; restrictions against abuse of dominance or monopoly power; and regulations controlling mergers, acquisitions and amalgamations, which would concentrate market power in fewer companies.
The book covers many topics including, but not limited to, a brief history of health insurance prior to the 1970's, the enactment of the HMO Act, health care in rural America, Antitrust Legislation, private and public sector HMO development, accountability, and health promotion strategies.
The Competition and Antitrust Review 2005 provides a comprehensive overview of international antitrust legislation and competition law governing business practice world wide.
Traditionally marketing's interest in antitrust legislation and policy has focused on constraints imposed by external legal and political forces on marketing strategy decisions and the effect of noncompetitive markets on consumer well being.
It will have to act in concert with other colleges, and they will need to get some of the antitrust legislation changed in Washington, so that they can return to administering financial aid on the basis of need.
In addition, policy-makers could revise antitrust legislation to address the bargaining power of corporations and investigate the contracting practices of agribusiness.
Airlines are currently banned from discussing scheduling under antitrust legislation, a ban that has become controversial as congestion at US airports continues to increase.
Furthermore, a series of well-functioning bilateral and regional mutual assistance agreements has been concluded both to facilitate competition enforcement in transnational cases and to avoid the drawbacks of the extraterritorial application of antitrust legislation.
Finally, by setting cavaliers against captains of industry, he exposes the self-interest of sectional politics and advances a progressive agenda: support of child labor reform (the Keating-Owen Act, passed in 1916), support of antitrust legislation (the Clayton Act, passed in 1914), leverage from the threat of blacks voting Democratic (as many, including Du Bois himself, did in 1912), and a refutation of his nemesis Washington and the logic of accommodationism.
Pitney believes it is in full compliance with all antitrust legislation.
The example proposed here requires, among other things, the drafting of country-specific antitrust legislation and the establishment of adequate enforcement mechanisms.