antitrust legislation

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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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Accordingly, state and federal antitrust legislation was demanded as a solution to this problem.
He pressed for the inclusion of Article 148 in the new constitution, in order to consolidate the language of "abuse of economic power." This article stated that a statute should be passed to prohibit practices such as "the grouping of companies aimed at dominating national markets, eliminating competition or arbitrarily raising profits." (26) The language referring to antitrust infringements as an abuse of economic power would carry through into all future antitrust legislation.
She shows convincingly that despite the purported weakness of the 1948 antitrust legislation, big business was furious at the adverse consequences resulting from its relatively mild enforcement.
Schwartz, who supports other forms of antitrust legislation, notes that Robinson-Patman attempts to punish "price discrimination": realizing different rates of return on sales of the same product.
The central anomaly in American antitrust legislation is that, were eliminating monopolistic distortions the aim of public policy, the late 19th and early 20th centuries would appear a strange moment for such concerns to emerge.
Enough countries have antitrust legislation in place rendering it possible to combat hardcore antitrust problems in respect of restrictive practices.
The transaction has yet to secure regulatory clearance, including under the antitrust legislation and the Investment Canada Act, approval by the target's shareholders, which will be sought on 27 May, as well as the satisfaction of other conditions.
We interpret the evolution of antitrust legislation during these years as the expression of the rise to dominance of big business, and the development of a framework for its competitive rivalry.
11 December 2013 - Irish biopharmaceutical company Shire Plc (LON:SHP) on Wednesday said it had the secured Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) clearance for its takeover bid for US peer ViroPharma Inc (NASDAQ:VPHM) via expiration of the waiting period under the antitrust legislation.
There is also little question that legislators known to differ on issues which some argue define liberals and conservatives frequently find common ground on antitrust legislations To the extent that any antitrust legislation is proposed that initially attracts the fire of liberals or conservatives, if such legislation is to become law it is likely to change during the legislative process to minimize ideological differences.
Deutsche Telekoma[euro](tm)s (ETR:DTE) T-Mobile USA said it expected the review by USA Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of its planned USD39bn (EUR27.3bn) acquisition by AT&T (NYSE:T) would find that the deal was in line with antitrust legislation and served the public interest.
It promised that the law would prohibit abuse of economic power by any enterprise that sought to dominate the market, eliminate competition, and arbitrarily increase its profits.(31) Although the provision was quite clearly advocating some form of antitrust law, it was not until 1962 that any real attempt was made in Brazil to introduce antitrust legislation as such.
Despite the General Assembly's call for adoption of new antitrust legislation and despite the creation of an UNCTAD unit to provide technical assistance on control of restrictive business practices, less than a half dozen countries adopted competition legislation in the period 1980-1987.
In return, Volkswagen will acquire about 20 percent of the shares in Northvolt AB and will have one seat on the Board of Directors, subject to approval under antitrust legislation. Furthermore, a 50/50 joint venture to build a 16 GWh battery cell factory in Europe is planned during the course of this year.
The impetus for the enactment of antitrust legislation in the