antitrust law

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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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To hold that a radio station contract to broadcast baseball games should be treated differently for antitrust law purposes than a station's contract to broadcast any other performance or event would be to extend and distort the specific baseball exemption, [and] transform it into an umbrella to cover other activities and markets outside baseball....").
Antitrust law today defines a variety of worker and producer associations as cartels and assumes that they lack "productive efficiencies"--yet it automatically imputes these efficiencies to business firms that dominate markets.
Antitrust and trade regulation bar associations, including the American Bar Association's Section of Antitrust Law, have similarly expanded their focus, recognizing that antitrust attorneys often represent clients in actions involving consumer protection law.
In other cases, activities that are generally legal may violate antitrust law because they have anticompetitive effects.
A new and entirely different team of authors takes over with this edition, and while honoring the legacy of those who came before, and retaining much of their material, say they have taken a fresh look at the structure and contents of the casebook on antitrust law and trade regulations.
"in-hospitability in the tradition of antitrust law." (4)
Justice Stephen Breyer, who used to teach antitrust law at Harvard Law School, said the consumers' case seemed straightforward and in line with a century of antitrust law.
To avoid potential risks and pitfalls, business owners should consider the possible application of traditional antitrust laws and concepts to this emerging technology.
Aside from being subjected to criminal investigation to be conducted by the Office for Competition of the Department of Justice, upon endorsement by the Philippine Competition Commission, violators of the antitrust law face administrative sanctions, such as disapproval of the merger or even a forced sellout, or a fine ranging from P50 million to P250 million.
The purpose of the Guidance is to help educate and inform HR professionals, as well as in-house counsel and compliance personnel, so they can implement safeguards to ensure that their companies' hiring and compensation practices comply with the antitrust laws.
Popofsky, who states that "the unifying principle is that each Section 2 legal test reflects a specific expression of the same underlying 'rule of reason,'" (5) and that "Section 2's rule of reason, so understood, asks: For the type of conduct at issue, which legal test likely maximizes consumer welfare over the long run?" (6) I then emphasize that this Article does not intend to take a side on which test to apply to each practice that violates antitrust law. It is only focused on the need to recognize that general per se rules are to be avoided in the first place.
antitrust law and is known to frequent trade gatherings in its efforts to ensure consumer welfare protection.
This part will examine what antitrust law is, the economic explanation behind antitrust law, and the antitrust law in that can make a difference in space exploration.
FTC staff adds, "Federal antitrust law does not require that a state legislature provide the active supervision of any state regulatory board.
Historically, patent and antitrust law facilitate conflicting ideologies, as antitrust law discourages monopolies while patent law encourages limited monopolies.