antitrust case

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a legal action brought against parties who are charged with limiting free competition in the market place

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And the number of antitrust cases is only set to increase as the encouraging of privately pursuing companies to compensate for antitrust violations is on the rise.
Generic-drug makers sue brand-name companies for product samples Intel uses Supreme Court Comcast ruling in its own antitrust case How antitrust authorities view mergers and acquisitions Google emerges from FTC antitrust probe largely unscathed
option=com_content&view=article&id=461:high-court-to-hear-nfl-antitrust-case-could-lead-to-huge-victory-for-league&catid=34:nfl-news&Itemid=53) later this month on an antitrust case involving the NFL called American Needle.
In short, a defendant who wins an antitrust case will at least be able to require that the plaintiff pay the defendant's costs.
The sleight of hand was on display April 26 when Goldstein argued a complex international antitrust case on behalf of Empagram, an Ecuadoran vitamin company seeking damages in U.
Microsoft established the MCPP in accordance with the final judgment in Microsoft's antitrust case with the Department of Justice and a number of State Attorneys General.
the penalty portion) of treble damages paid to a plaintiff in an antitrust case.
Prosecutors involved in the recent Microsoft antitrust case thought so.
As settlement talks get underway yet again in the Microsoft antitrust case, legal experts are still doubtful about whether the software giant will reach a compromise with the US government.
5 million to settle an antitrust case over the company's sales of sorbic acid in the United States.
Two Senate Democrats have asked the Transportation Department to look into airline ticket pricing 'unfairness' saying that it takes too long to build an antitrust case against predatory pricing.
The government replies that making sure businesses compete fairly is precisely what the Microsoft antitrust case is about.
A federal judge has thrown out a patent claim against Intel Corp by Intergraph Corp - part of its larger antitrust case against the chipmaker - regarding disputed Clipper microprocessor patents.
From the economist's perspective, there would seem to be at least two ways to judge whether an antitrust case is in the public interest.
A recent jury verdict in an antitrust case involving Marshfield Clinic highlights the potential antitrust risks faced by integrated delivery systems with large market shares.