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Chamber of Commerce, Antitrust Committee and a member of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law, where he was previously on the Council, chair of the Legislative Committee, chair of the Computer and Internet Committee, Consumer Protection Coordinator, a member of the Antitrust Modernization Task Force, and a member of the Committee Structure Task Force.
The DOJ and seven state attorneys general had brought suit under the antitrust laws to block the merger in August.
Broder, a partner with the global antitrust practice K&L Gates LLP, helps the reader gain familiarity with the law and develop the ability to spot and analyze issues quickly and accurately.
Second, much of the antitrust scholarship in the academy over the last decade has taken a post-Chicago tilt, calling into question Chicago's anti-interventionist assumptions.
Due to the high level of merger activity in the US and the EU, merger arbitrage hedge funds require fast and cost effective expert analysis on the US and EU antitrust risks of mergers and acquisitions which may pose a threat to the closing of the deal, in particular in those cases where a merger requires EU and US antitrust approval (recent examples of EU and US antitrust filings include Mittal Steel/Arcelor and BOC/Linde).
To solicit views of all parties concerned with operation of the antitrust laws;
However, several recent developments in Europe provide sharp reminders to smaller companies that antitrust is alive and well overseas.
The antitrust law exists to prevent that, and I intend to enforce the law.
This difference of perception reflects not only different attitudes toward government intervention on either side of the Atlantic, but also the different roles of antitrust regulators and the different standards of evidence and proof in competition cases.
New developments in the antitrust face-off between Microsoft and the U.
Q: Is it a good idea to adopt an antitrust compliance policy?
Also on trial is the way in which the federal government applies antitrust laws, says Richard B.
The EC's antitrust concerns have taken second billing to the U.
Health insurance premiums could be forced up by 13 percent a year if Congress passes antitrust waiver legislation that is under consideration.
The government's weapon is a sweeping antitrust suit filed against Microsoft in May 1998.