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winds blowing from west to east and lying above the trade winds in the tropics

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The results indicate that if the antitrade winds don't return, Vialard says, "this year's El Nino is more or less dead.
These individuals have strong antitrade opinions when confined to job-related issues; however, clear opinions either supporting or opposing trade are not evident for other issues.
There was no moderating of the antitrade rhetoric that marred the primary season.
That antitrade dynamic was on full display in the Ohio primary.
They carried on the antitrade union legislation of Thatcher, brought the private sector in to build our schools and hospitals and renewed Trident on the Clyde.
At the end of this chapter, the author also highlights the impact of antitrade policies designed by the developing countries.
industries--apparel workers were antitrade, while Walter Reuther's
1980) (stating that the business acts of the AMA and state medical associations are subject to federal antitrade laws).
Consumer preferences for American films are strong, but so is antitrade lobbying interests leading to levies and subsidies.
Is the antitrade message taking hold all over the country, or will Democratic gains in the rust belt be outweighed by losses in modern-economy states like California and New York?
The denizens of Drop City, CA, are, on the surface, what one might expect: high-school dropouts who've decided to tune out and turn on, draft dodgers, children born into the antitrade of communal living; confused, naive, and eager, the lot of them.
This brought with it poor wages, poor working conditions and very antiTrade Union attitude.
He said he wants to refocus the T&G on the individual rather than what some perceive as "conference culture", and he added: "I want to repeal antitrade union laws that would allow workers to support other workers in struggle.
The conference started Tuesday afternoon after being delayed for five and a half hours by massive protests by antitrade demonstrators.
Buchanan may not have won the Republican nomination, but his antitrade message has resonated, says James.