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winds blowing from west to east and lying above the trade winds in the tropics

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The results indicate that if the antitrade winds don't return, Vialard says, "this year's El Nino is more or less dead.
He said: "I'm not antitrade union, in fact I am pro-trade union, but this is welcome.
Labour governments and councils fear the trade union movement as a threat to their political power, which is why the last Labour government refused to repeat any of the Thatcher antitrade union laws.
He should include a discussion on the antitrade impact of environmental and global warming issues, which have been utilized by developed countries as excuses to impede the exports of developing countries.
antitrade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations" at a fundraising event in San Francisco.
And though there are some key Democrats in the House and Senate that have been widely painted as antitrade, their power bases are likely to shift somewhat away from liberal dominance if recent pre-November election polls prove accurate.
export growth is America's current antitrade compulsions, typified by Congress's refusal to ratify free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.
Finally, a constant trend between the years 1965 and 2004 is a strong antitrade bias, which is manifested by the positive effect of government's policies on gross returns to producers of import-competing products in contrast with the negative effect of government's policies on gross returns to producers of exportable products (76).
He supported the American colonists in seeking independence from the Crown and emphasized the importance of trade when the Tories still supported the antitrade Corn Laws.
The caucus of new members of Congress elected on an explicitly antitrade liberalization platform do not fully share the views of the centrist, international-minded Obama administration.
Hiscox (2006) reports that framing questions in an antitrade manner reduces the likelihood that a given response indicates a favorable opinion of trade.
Their findings detail information regarding the taxation of farmers relative to nonagricultural producers, dispersion across Latin America in average nominal and relative rates of assistance for farmers, antitrade bias in assistance rates within the farm sector, the impact of trade-restrictive measures, movements in the consumer tax equivalence, and cuts in protection in nonagricultural sectors.
There was no moderating of the antitrade rhetoric that marred the primary season.
That antitrade dynamic was on full display in the Ohio primary.
They carried on the antitrade union legislation of Thatcher, brought the private sector in to build our schools and hospitals and renewed Trident on the Clyde.