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an antibody that can neutralize a specific toxin

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Catalase_test ; Gelatin liquefaction test; indole test;nitrate reduction test ;Sugar_fermentation_test; hydrogen Sulphide production test (Oxoid) and litmus milk_medium [13]: Nagler's test by half antitoxin plate [35]: Typing of Clostridium perfringens toxins dermonecrotic test in albino guinea pigs Toxin antitoxin neutralization test [35]: Determination of the MLD of the prepared toxin [15]: Antibiogram sensitivity test (Oxiod): Pathological, gross and histopathological examination
Notably, diphtheritic neuropathy, which accounts for a minority of all diphtheritic illness, can signal the need for improved routine DTP or DTP combination vaccination coverage, lead to booster vaccinations for persons in various age groups, and herald the need for release of antitoxin from storage for administration to patients.
In Strep, the antitoxin is bound to the toxin in a way that keeps the toxin inactive.
Antitoxin therapy (140) is more effective if undertaken early in the course of illness.
The toxin binding inhibition test as a reliable in vitro alternative to the toxin neutralization test in mice for the estimation of tetanus antitoxin in human sera.
Referring to his visit to the section of venomous snakes in the institute, President Mutharika said poisonous snakes and scorpions are a real threat in Malawi for people, so we intend to use Iran experiences in production of antitoxin to defend our nation.
Of particular interest was improving sewage treatment and water supplies, preventing tuberculosis through stronger milk regulations, improving provincial health legislation, taking public health directly to the public with innovative exhibits, and supporting efforts to provide essential biological products, such as smallpox vaccine and diphtheria antitoxin, as a public service.
A fourth independent predictor--the serum level of antitoxin A IgG--appeared to reduce the accuracy of the rule (Gastroenterology 2009 April [doi:10.
A relentless antitoxin in the operating system of the art world, he does what he can to resist the principles of the marketplace and its eternal quest for increased value, to oppose the co-opting force of elitism, and to rehabilitate the ordinary and the quotidian.
She plucks the tiny tick off the fallen mother bat and then injects her with an antitoxin to counteract the tick's poison.
This vaccine would give antitoxin immunity [which] could help contribute to protection by combination vaccines," he says.
Because of their doctor's refusal to admit that they suffered from botulism, they did not receive antitoxin in time to lessen the severity of the damage to their bodies.
01 antitoxin units per milliliter (U/mL), (2) and to stress the fact that tetanus remains a clinical diagnosis.
Whereas the toxin produced by isolates derived from mammalian botulism was neutralized only with type C antitoxin, the toxins of all isolates related to avian botulism were neutralized with both type C and D antitoxins.