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counteracting a toxin or poison

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The published findings provide clear evidence that both the oil and its active ingredients, in particular TQ, possess reproducible anti-oxidant effects through enhancing the oxidant scavenger system, which as a consequence lead to antitoxic effects induced by several insults.
In the early days of the war tetanus of a severe type was common amongst the wounded, and the control of this disease by the prompt administration of a prophylactic dose of antitoxic serum to all wounded men will rank as one of the triumphs of preventative medicine in the present war" (Andrews 1917, 831).
It also has stress-protective and antitoxic adaptogenic effects that produces a non-specific increase in the body's defense against exogenous stress factors and noxious chemicals (Brekhman and Dardymov 1969; EMEA/HMPC/102655/2007, 2008; Panossian and Wikman 2010; WHO 2004).
ELISA for the routine determination of antitoxic immunity to tetanus.
In children below age 5, the vaccine induces very high short-term efficacy (100% for the first 4-6 months) mediated by locally produced IgA antitoxic antibodies, but in this age group protection waned more rapidly than in older children (43).