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sharply contrasted in character or purpose


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Perhaps most tellingly, the artificial story design robs the camp experiences themselves of any inbtrinsic meaning, for, as the antithetic portion of the Hegelian progression, the camp experience serves essentially as a bridge between the thesis of preliminary innocence and the final addition of lacerating knowledge that achieves the synthesis.
I cannot think of an idea more antithetic to the American principle.
Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "The primary structure in the North Fitzsimmons Fields Prospect is an antithetic, up-to-the-coast fault closure running southwest to northeast through the lease acreage.
19) In complex antiphony, where the two choirs sing distinct texts to be mixed during the performance, two extensions of the basic echo-pattern are observed: the antithetic pattern (a singular form of echoing), and a complementary pattern (where the two statements are intimately related, the one overextending the meaning of the other).
While in the past, environmental movements have argued that further economic growth is antithetic to sustainable development, it is striking that this concern about the global environment does not play an important role in the current protest movement.
The fear that social capital and individualism are somehow antithetic has possibly even strengthened as social capital in developed Western countries has declined and individualism increased as Putnam (2002, 2000) demonstrated (although he did not claim that individualism was responsible for the decline in social capital).
On the reverse side we have the antithetic voice of the Second soldier, "when they first start to lift em up .
The results were compared with those obtained by a Monte Carlo simulation using antithetic variates and the Mersenne Twister random number generator.
Besides making a mockery of the strongest democracy, special interest money is unifying a pretentious presidential candidate and an ideologically antithetic liberal Zionist.
He believed the English people, even the upper classes, possessed a sufficient sense of patriotism to reject an ideology that was antithetic to their past.
Veteran American historian Tucker brings the bad news that almost everything Americans know about the Alamo is not only wrong, but nearly antithetic to what actually happened during the 1836 battle.
Marginalization also explains certain discourse strategies: ethnic minority literatures look for their reaffirmation through the involvement of antithetic aspects and according to their character as emergent identity discourses (see Casas, "Sistema interliterario," "Problemas") and this reveals the direct links between literary historiography and the mechanisms of the construction and formation of national and ethnic minority identities (see Dominguez, "Literary Emergence").
He has thereby left himself in the position of using, for example, a great many Bergsonian concepts, with their heavy charge of antiintellectualism, without having sufficiently explained their relevance to his purposes, because the use to which Bergson put his theosophical and cabbalistic lore was antithetic to Maritain's intentions.
Technically, compressional strike slip movement along the Tintina Fault created a stress regime that allowed the development of open space along Riedel fractures oriented at azimuth 320degrees and antithetic fractures at azimuth 020degrees.
Dangarembga shows European-educated African women learning within two generations that personal survival is antithetic to the imprisoning double binds left between the rock of European hierarchical family structures and the hard place of distorted and misapplied African traditions.