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sharply contrasted in character or purpose


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Many subordinate traps are formed by the antithetic faults affecting the roll-over anticline.
Ramprasad, "Discrete antithetic Markov Monte Carlo based power mapping localization algorithm for WSN," in Proc.
Howard Root is living quite the antithetic existence, at least professionally.
Zinoman even implies, rightly, that anti-feminism was not antithetic to early-twentieth-century French republicanism.
It is also challenging the notions of 'child soldiers' and the 'lost boys', problematizing these labels as antithetic to child protection.
Payne WA (2010) Are biofuels antithetic to long-term sustainability of soil and water resources?
If in the past the increase of the punishment limits provided by the law was seen as one of the main solutions for the increase of the criminal phenomenon in different areas, with the occasion of the recent amendment in the criminal law the legislator selected an antithetic mechanism of diminishing the punishing regime.
In the analogue models, almost simultaneously to R shear features, antithetic Riedel shears (R') appear, striking at 70-78[degrees] to the applied shear direction.
Antithetic to this mode of experiential self-focus are states akin to depression, that are conducive of biased attention toward negativity, biased thoughts and rumination, and dysfunctional self schemas.
This opposition, between the exposure and reservation represent the antithetic key of the central character.
Hence, this concept will be read selectively and mobilized toward a purpose that is wholly my own, which is to say that the implications I derive from the membrane may appear at times antithetic to Simondon's own trajectories of thought.
Macedonski turned to the figure of the prostitute by playing on two antithetic representations thereof--the angelic ideal and the esthetic sensualism.
He lightly surveys the literature on Eliade and then investigates themes in his life and work involving the sacred, self-perception, literature, thanatologies, antithetic Judaism, Kabbalah, Mihail Sebastian, and the Iron Guard, among other topics, concluding with a chapter on Eliade as Romanian thinker.
In contrast, SC seems to reflect inhibitory and avoidance regulation strategies, which are antithetic to the core of E.
The Trendtable of six renowned design studios compacted the trends for 2014/2015 into two antithetic blocks: 'Progress