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Synonyms for antithesis

Synonyms for antithesis

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exact opposite

the juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance

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was antithesis endless plastic Scarlett is, of course, not a saint, but the only thing she's guilty of is grabbing opportunities with both hands.
16 ( ANI ): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday compared elections to no less than any war and likened Congress to righteous brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharat, Pandavas, and BJP to Kauravas - Pandavas' antithesis.
The State of Kuwait, with the support and backing of the international community; shall contribute to work, in order to achieve peace and stability in the region, and to contribute significantly in alleviating the human suffering of those affected by events in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, thus affirming the firm position of the State of Kuwait, in supporting the United Nations, and its role in achieving universal peace, and meeting requirements of sustainable development for all states, proceeding from its belief that the antithesis of peace is chaos, and the antithesis of coexistence is conflicts, and dialogue is definitely better than conflict.
He is the antithesis of me and I am the antithesis of him."
He said that the new tax was the very antithesis of the package announced by the federal government to give relief to farmers.
Quad-stage (Four stages) is presented in reference [3], it is the expansion of Hegel's triad-stage (triad thesis, antithesis, synthesis of development).
A post on Antithesis coffee shop's Facebook page asks for artists to exhibit their work on their walls in Limassol.
Thus its opposite thesis is born, the antithesis, also supported and pursued during the next stage of the historical development.
Listening to the song "Antithesis'' by Second Grave, it's hard not to be struck by how the music feels both heavy and melodic.
Wheat, a retired economist, offers an assessment of what has frequently been derided as legend, Georg Hegel's famous dialectical formula of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.
"He is the antithesis of me and I am the antithesis of him."Garcia told the Mirror: "He is not my best friend.
WAYNE ROONEY was to be branded as the "antithesis" of David Beckham by his agent as the young Everton star was on the threshold of stardom, a court has heard.
WAYNE ROONEY was to be branded as the "antithesis" of David Beckham by his agent as the young football prodigy was on the threshold of stardom, Manchester Mercantile court heard.
He is the antithesis of me, and I am the antithesis of him," Harrington said.