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Synonyms for antithesis

Synonyms for antithesis

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exact opposite

the juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance

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This widest scope contains all the regions related and non-related to the "general theses", "general antitheses", and the like.
Those repercussions are clearly very much with us yet, however cloaked they may now be in new political language and novel geo-strategic antitheses.
Marinism marinismo also called secentismoA florid, bombastic literary style fashionable in 17th-century Italy marked by extravagant metaphors, far-fetched conceits, hyperbole, fantastic wordplay, original myths, and forced antitheses. A reaction against classicism, it was named for the 17th-century poet Giambattista Marino and inspired by his collection of lyrical verse, La lira (1608-14; "The Lyre").
This style, marked by ingenious antitheses, alliteration, exempla, complicated figures, and skillfully balanced sentences, was for a while in great vogue.
For "the four color theorem", there are many opposites (antitheses).
The autonomous, if decidedly 10-fi, objects Fischer crafts are the very antitheses of the spectacular "sets" Barney creates to further his self-generated mythology.
Karlsson does draw the interesting conclusion that Marguerite's antitheses usually offer a c learly positive and negative pole, so that her work is in that sense less balanced or open-ended than some scholars have suggested.