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designed for defense against armored vehicles

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It may be logical in some ways that the SDF can transport antitank munitions and mortar shells because they are being carried to protect (soldiers) themselves,'' Ishiba said.
Building a relationship with the light battalion's antitank (AT) platoon or company.
7 million to procure a new mixed, antitank mine system, the RADAM, that contains antipersonnel landmines.
This order of BILL 2 confirms our world leading position in the area of man portable antitank weapons, says Anders Florenius, Communication Director for Saab Bofors Dynamics.
Earlier reports said the Russian fighter jets' air raids on the terrorist positions across the coastal province of Lattakia left at least 40 militants dead, including Basel Zimmo (Abu Hamza) a senior commander known as the King of US TOW antitank missiles.
The arrival at the base of US-made TOW antitank missiles, the first advanced American weaponry to be dispatched to Syria since the conflict began, has reignited hopes among the rebels that the Obama administration is preparing to soften its resistance to the provision of significant military aid and to help move the battlefield equation back in their favor.
Russia also plans to deploy Mi28 helicopters to Etorofu which carry antitank missiles, Interfax quoted the official as saying.
The ministry added that Russia will be providing Syria with the MiG-29 fighter jets and antiaircraft and antitank missiles.
A second medium brigade should eventually be set up, putting the total number of Freccias, including the antitank, command post, mortar carrier and recovery variants, to be ordered at 510.
The two crew members of the AH-1S antitank chopper, which belongs to the GSDF's Kisarazu garrison in the same prefecture, east of Tokyo, suffered minor injuries in the 4:30 p.
According to the guidelines, an SDF officer could be the first to open fire if his troops are in a tank and recognize that an apparent assailant is aiming weapons, such as portable antitank cannons, at his troops from a distance.
The OC will administratively clear any antipersonnel mines, antitank mines, and wire, beginning 35 meters from the point of launch and providing a 2-meter by 45-meter footpath.
459 billion will fund purchase of 108 Patriot PAC3 air defense missiles, 786 multiple-launch rocket system rockets, 76 line-of-sight antitank (LOSAT) missiles, and 901 Javelin antitank missiles.
It will be marketed as replacement for TOW and the Hellfire antitank missiles, said Retired Israeli Defense Forces Col.
Hiter's article, "The Antitank Section in Support of a Light Infantry Rifle Platoon" (INFANTRY, January-April 2000, pages 15-16).