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defensive against enemy submarines

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Eager to curry favor with Beijing for wide-ranging economic and diplomatic reasons, Washington seeks to rein in Taiwan's independence movement, and is rumored to be stalling on Taiwan's request to buy defensive missiles, antisubmarine aircraft and F-16s as punishment for the island's push to hold the referendum.
James Zortman added, "The MH-60S will, for the first time, bring a mission set and mission capability that we'll have our carrier strike groups and expeditionary strike groups rely on, as the primary aviation asset for antisurface and antisubmarine warfare.
VC-21 was redesignated Air Antisubmarine Squadron (VS) 21 on 23 April 1950.
Bush also decided to provide 12 P-3 antisubmarine aircraft and eight diesel-powered submarines to the island.
Other major business areas of the Lockheed unit include ground surveillance and target acquisition radar systems; signals intelligence and communications jamming systems; automated test systems; weapons displays; controls and displays subsystems; antisubmarine warfare; and training and simulation.
The AN/SQQ-89 Integrated Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Combat System suite is the most advanced ASW system in the world.
8 billion used for PAC-III antimissile systems, submarines and antisubmarine aircraft.
On 4 March, an SH-60B Seahawk of Light Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 40 suffered Class A damage following a hard landing at NS Mayport, Fla.
Additional missions include search and rescue, antisubmarine warfare, mining, and anti-surface unit warfare and intelligence collection.
It is fast, has a scaleable design architecture, is highly stable at all speed ranges in rough waters including sea state 5, and can be rapidly reconfigured to support different missions ranging from mine countermeasures to antisubmarine warfare and force protection.
From 1942 to 1944, it assumed the role of antisubmarine warfare, patrolling for German submarines that frequented New England waters.
sailors and marines in the exercise that focuses on antisubmarine operations.
Additional missions include search and rescue, antisubmarine warfare, mining, anti-surface unit warfare and intelligence collection.
OPUS 2 also has been selected to operate and control Sonar 2087, which is replacing the obsolete Sonar 2031 on Type 23 Duke Class frigates, and is a candidate for the antisubmarine warfare sensor of the Future Surface Combatant.
The unit was established as a split-off of VS-21 as Air Antisubmarine Squadron 29 on 1 April 1960 at North Island, its home base throughout its service.