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the section of a choral ode answering a previous strophe in classical Greek drama

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Aristotle uses a direct proof through conversion (dia tes antistrophes), as based on the rules of conversion established in chapter two of Prior Analytics A, and an indirect proof through impossibility (dia tou adunatou).
The use of the name Strophe for the interpolated character, who assumes many of the narrative functions of the nurse but who is, in Kane's play, Phaedra's daughter from a relationship prior to her marriage to Theseus, suggests that Kane at some point may have consulted a translation of Euripides' play that marked the choral strophes and antistrophes. Steven Barfield (2006) also observes a narrative kinship with Racine's version in "the concentration on Phaedra herself as a tragic figure caught between her uncontrollable passion and her role as the Queen."
The 1550 Livre premier presents fourteen poems of varying metrical designs, including a tour de force of 1112 hexasyllabic verses (Ode I), a Pindaric piece in strophes, antistrophes, and epodes (Ode X), and three works in Marotic "pauses" (Odes II, XI and XIII).
24-25) concerns the translation of the phrase ek gar tes antistrophes perainetai to anagkaion at APr.