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the section of a choral ode answering a previous strophe in classical Greek drama

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The use of the name Strophe for the interpolated character, who assumes many of the narrative functions of the nurse but who is, in Kane's play, Phaedra's daughter from a relationship prior to her marriage to Theseus, suggests that Kane at some point may have consulted a translation of Euripides' play that marked the choral strophes and antistrophes.
667-673 e 688-697, two antistrophes of the choral songs: {[TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]}
The 1550 Livre premier presents fourteen poems of varying metrical designs, including a tour de force of 1112 hexasyllabic verses (Ode I), a Pindaric piece in strophes, antistrophes, and epodes (Ode X), and three works in Marotic "pauses" (Odes II, XI and XIII).
24-25) concerns the translation of the phrase ek gar tes antistrophes perainetai to anagkaion at APr.
In this essay, published during his lifetime only when the poem first appeared in 1855(CPW 1:229), Arnold announces his long attraction to the subject of Merope and then proceeds to create a "play of text with quotation and of quotations with one another," which is reminiscent of the strophes, antistrophes, and epodes in the choric poetry he is applauding.