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the section of a choral ode answering a previous strophe in classical Greek drama

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1) Strophe and antistrophe are two major elements found in Classic Greek theatre in which the strophe and antistrophe are delivered by the chorus, who offer commentary throughout the play Strophe and antistrophe form the central debate or argument within the play (Hathaway).
11) Question-and-answer strophe and antistrophe in balladry is not unique to "The Lass of Roch Royal', nor is it unusual in Creek and Roman poetry: the use of strophe with a responding antistrophe appears frequently in the choruses of Greek drama, for example.
The second passage on Pherenikos occurs towards the end of the poem, in the antistrophe of the fifth triad (176-186):
Is it a coincidence that one of the most noteworthy aspects of Schiller's poem is the inclusion of a four-line antistrophe, specifically labeled "chorus," following each eight-line strophe?
This is an original draft of the antistrophe (lines 437-462 of Act III) from the drama's autograph, replaced within a later edition and placed in an album later stored in the Branicki Library in Sucha.
Dans l'ode grecque antique, poeme fait pour etre chante ou accompagne musicalement, l'epode est ce troisieme mouvement qui suit la strophe et l' antistrophe, qui leur repond en les rappelant et depassant tout a la fois.
While Chalker suggests that in "the perpetual cycle and recurring balance Thomson found reflected the ideal unity which sustained the universe" (130), I propose that it is more likely that Thomson was utilizing the conventions of the ode with its dialectical and antithetical structure of strophe, antistrophe and epode.
McDonald studies Marlowe's echo effect, produced by various types of reiteration--repetition of proper nouns and multi-syllabic words and the use of the trope antistrophe.
Figuring Rhetoric: From Antistrophe to Apostrophe through Catastrophe.
At times, the members speak and move in unison; at others, an individual emerges to sing a strophe or antistrophe.
Perhaps with Phil Stone's aid, Faulkner's The Hamlet translates the Greek phrase into "the mystery's choral strophe and antistrophe rising vertical among the leafed altars" (900)--which comically recalls the writer's 1925 definition of Katharsis as "a loved shape purged of dross" (qtd.
For example, since Pindar's cultic occasions of victory celebration have long gone, what can his structure of song and dance, into strophe, antistrophe, and epode, mean without the song and the dance?
They say that Theseus taught this measure in sacred songs when he discharged his vows after killing the Minotaur, imitating the confused and twisting path of the labyrinth with those boys and girls with whom he escaped, singing hymns first in one circuit, then in the opposite direction, which is to say strophe and antistrophe.
The antithesis, isocolon, anaphora and antistrophe of this passage express a structure of otherness embedded in the play.