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electricity produced by friction

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Most of the antistatic treatments applied to GRP enclosures today rely on the addition of conductive materials into the surface gelcoat (or conductive paint) by employing carbon/graphite, tin or other metals.
Browse 95 market data tables and 80 figures spread through 151 pages and in-depth TOC on Antistatic Agents Market - Global Forecast to 2021
Plenty of studies have reported that existing methods to avoid static electricity in polymers commonly include two ways: one is adding antistatic agent and mixing conductive fillers such as carbon black [4], graphite [5], carbon nanotubes [6], as well as inorganic salt [7]; the other one is the surface modification of materials such as surface radiation and spreading conductive coating [8], Both of them are often adopted to reduce the surface resistivity of PUs.
Tosaf says in laboratory testing, ST7505HP has demonstrated an "excellent antistatic effect", which is retained over the long term--even at just 12 percent RH--whereas conventional additives of this kind, such as hydrophilic surfactants, require a significantly higher atmospheric humidity in order to be effective.
Because they are made from all-thermoplastic compounds, the antistatic properties are inherent throughout the sheet, which maintains ESD protection with scratches, wear, machining, or forming.
It's a glass-filled nylon-6 material with the permanent antistatic additive.
This new yellow antistatic paint can be used to indicate hazardous materials and equipment as well as safety features such as exits, machinery, telephones, lighting panels, alarm switches, floor paths leading to exits, operating equipment, safety gates, or any place where safety and static removal are necessary.
Donaldson Membranes have now added their Polyester Epitropic/ePTFE membrane filter media range to their expanding portfolio of certified antistatic products for use in explosive fabric filter applications.
Abstract Utilizing waterborne epoxy resin as a main film-forming material, a kind of light color antistatic and anticorrosive waterborne epoxy coating with volume resistivity of [10 sup.
Lay cards down on an ESD mat or place them in an antistatic pouch.
PolyAid polymer performance additives, including accelerants, antioxidants, antistatic agents, peptizers, UV absorbers and light stabilizers, are featured in this four-page brochure.
Approved to Category 1 for use in Group II applications, zones 0, 1 and 2 potentially explosive gases, vapours and mists, where T4/T3 temperature class permits, the HT-200 is moulded in high impact strength antistatic plastic with a coated lens to provide scratch resistance and antistatic properties.
is stainresistant, easy-to-clean, and mildew- and bacteria-resistant, and features an antistatic slip finish.
The first switch products to be approved by the Quality Assessment System of the IEC are the toggles and pushbuttons in the antistatic B Series.
NKK Switches announces that its antistatic B Series of toggle and pushbuttons are the first switch products approved by the Quality Assessment System of the International Electromechanical Commission (IEG).