static electricity

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electricity produced by friction

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The global antistatic agents market to grow at a CAGR of 4.
Because they are made from all-thermoplastic compounds, the antistatic properties are inherent throughout the sheet, which maintains ESD protection with scratches, wear, machining, or forming.
It's a glass-filled nylon-6 material with the permanent antistatic additive.
Armostat 1800-X P75 has reportedly been developed to address the need for a cost-effective, vegetable-based antistatic additive for PP film and rigid packaging applications.
The exceptional properties of Elastostat are its permanent antistatic effect, mechanical properties and compatibility with non-polar polymers
This new yellow antistatic paint can be used to indicate hazardous materials and equipment as well as safety features such as exits, machinery, telephones, lighting panels, alarm switches, floor paths leading to exits, operating equipment, safety gates, or any place where safety and static removal are necessary.
It is therefore important to rapidly dissipate any such charge to earth and this can be assisted by the employment of the Donaldson Membranes range of antistatic filter media.
To reduce the surface or volume resistivity and enhance the dissipation of the high electrical charge density on the surface of plastics, either antistatic agents or conductive fillers are usually used (5-8), However, the antistatic agents cannot endow the polymer with a persistently antistatic ability.
Abstract Utilizing waterborne epoxy resin as a main film-forming material, a kind of light color antistatic and anticorrosive waterborne epoxy coating with volume resistivity of [10 sup.
Lay cards down on an ESD mat or place them in an antistatic pouch.
PolyAid polymer performance additives, including accelerants, antioxidants, antistatic agents, peptizers, UV absorbers and light stabilizers, are featured in this four-page brochure.
Filters are ideal for clarification, polishing, bioburden reduction and prefiltration and are made without surfactants, lubricants, resin binders, adhesives, antistatic or release agents, or other additives.
is stainresistant, easy-to-clean, and mildew- and bacteria-resistant, and features an antistatic slip finish.
First discovered in the 1970s, conducting polymers have made it into a few small-scale commercial applications, such as antistatic coatings on photographic film and light emitting diodes in a display of maintenance information on an electric razor.
Additionally, the vacuum's multi-grade filtration system prevents electrical conduction with its stainless steel mesh or antistatic stainless steel (blended with polyester) main filter.