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blood serum containing antibodies against specific antigens

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One month after the last injection, blood was collected, centrifuged and antiserum was obtained and kept at -20[degrees]C until use.
[alpha]-, reference antiserum. GS/NE, A/goose/Nebraska/17097/-4/11; Tk/MN, A/turkey/ Minnesota/0141354/09; Tk/VA, A/turkey/Virginia/4529/02; NY/107, A/New York/107/03; NY/108, A/New York/108/16.
Then 100 [micro]l/well of the tungro antiserum and control serum (1: 500 in CPBS) was added to the wells.
Kyriakou express his hope he could meet the agriculture minister and make relevant decisions such as having snake venom antiserum polyvalent at vets to avoid dog poisonings.
For each assay, 50 [micro]L BNP(132) calibrator or sample was incubated with 50 [micro]L antiserum at 1:3000, 1:10 000, or the manufacturer's dilution in assay buffer for 22 h at 4 [degrees]C when radiolabeled BNP(1-32) peptide (2500 cpm in 50 [micro]L was added.
Firstly, each individual antiserum obtained by immunization with a given altered VWF peptide was submitted to affinity chromatography on a Sepharose 4B column, containing the respective immobilized normal VWF peptide.
Instead, an extract of antibodies (called immune serum or antiserum) is injected into your system so that you're fully protected.
Although there are several minor relationships among the recognized H-antigens, the absorbed H antiserum is required for their exact identification.
This virus isolate produced cytopathic effects in chicken embryo liver (CEL) cells and reacted with fowl adenovirus 4 (FadV-4) antiserum in agar gel immunodiffusion and immunofluorescence tests.
They included rabbit serotonin (5-HT) antiserum (diluted 1:8,000; S 5545--Sigma-Aldrich,inc.), rabbit gastrin antiserum (diluted 1:1,000; G 0785--Sigma-Aldrich, inc.), rabbit colecystokinin (CCK) antiserum (diluted 1:8,000; C 2581--Sigma-Aldrich, inc.), mouse glucagon (enteroglucagon) antiserum (diluted 1:2,000; G 2654--Sigma-Aldrich, inc.).
This is substantiated if a paper disc with polyvalent H antiserum has been included on the plate, and a zone of inhibition can be seen around it.
It potentiated commercial snake venom antiserum action against venom-induced lethality in male albino mice.
A 10 [micro]l loopful of bacterial cells was then placed into each partition and mixed with a loop using a new sterile loop with each respective antiserum. The slide was rotated by hand for 30 secs.
The fragments showed pharmacological and immunological specifcity of antiserum recognition through peptide block analysis of antiserum recognition and photolabel displacement by known DAT substrates and blockers.