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blood serum containing antibodies against specific antigens

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Kyriakou express his hope he could meet the agriculture minister and make relevant decisions such as having snake venom antiserum polyvalent at vets to avoid dog poisonings.
Negative secretor status: No difference in the titer at which visible agglutination in both rows implied the absence of blood group specific substances in the saliva to neutralize the antiserum.
Consequently, the region specificity of this antibody was tested in the immunocytochemical system and the specificity of this antiserum was examined by controls.
This is substantiated if a paper disc with polyvalent H antiserum has been included on the plate, and a zone of inhibition can be seen around it.
Antiserum showed strong reactivity with APM proteins determined by ELISA, and the reactivity could be detected at dilutions in excess of 1:128,000.
It potentiated commercial snake venom antiserum action against venom-induced lethality in male albino mice.
Coarse aggregation of the bacterial cells with a clear background was considered a positive result for the antiserum showing agglutination.
The fragments showed pharmacological and immunological specifcity of antiserum recognition through peptide block analysis of antiserum recognition and photolabel displacement by known DAT substrates and blockers.
Once again, results showed increased agglutination in certain combinations of antiserum and bacteria This suggests that E.
For this, we produced rabbit antiserum to HDI-adducted keyhole limpet hemocyanin (HDI-KLH).
There was an initial increase in overall CVs, probably due to incorrect transfer of values from RPPHS by some manufacturers, although differences in antiserum reactivity with intact and fragmented Cp cannot be ruled out (see "Comment").
Immunostaining utilized a 1:1000 dilution of the primary antiserum, a 1:1000 dilution of HRP-anti rabbit IgG, and 4-chloronaphthol using standard methods for staining Western and dot blots [4].