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blood serum containing antibodies against specific antigens

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Hemagglutination inhibition assay of influenza A(H5N6) virus from Laos with chicken and ferret antisera against reference influenza A(H5N1) viruses * Reference chicken antiserum ([double dagger]) CK/IND/BBV H5 subtype CK/VNM/8 M204 (H5N1) Antigen clade ([dagger]) (H5N1) 1 2.
The 3 antisera directed to components of the BNP(1-32) molecule recognized different epitopes (Fig.
The immunoreactivity of obtained antisera had shown enough binding activity to radio-labeled rbleptin in the antiserum-dilution test.
pneumoniae antisera and following the recommended procedure (supplied by Denka Seiken Co.
coil B strains treated with anti-A, anti-B and anti-Rh antisera.
8 nM HDI adduct) is a three-antibody sandwich ELISA in which wells of microtiter plates are coated with the IgG fraction of the anti-HDI-KLH antisera.
One well is filled with the meat protein extract and the other with known antisera such as moose, deer, or wolf.
A repeat UPEP (Beckman Coulter) now revealed the presence of a small (19 mg/d) Bence Jones protein peak in approximately the [Beta] to fast [Gamma] region, which was confirmed to be a monotypic-free [Kappa] light chain protein by urine immunofixation electrophoresis (UIFE) studies (Beckman Coulter, antisera against free [Kappa] and free [Lambda] light chains were purchased from The Binding Site, Birmingham, England) (Figure 1).
These products, which include antisera, agglutination reagents, latex reagents and stained suspensions, are presently manufactured by Murex, an Abbott subsidiary.
Many of the problems and sources of error experienced by Nuttall and other early searchers persist today: the strength and reliability of antisera, the pH of the medium, bacterial contamination, the difficulty of re-solubilizing dried blood, and the fact that blood heated over 100 [degrees] C will not give a positive reaction (Nuttall 2904).
First, an artifact produced a cross-reaction to mouse antisera.
Some people buy commercial antisera, while others make their own.
Quotient"), a supplier of innovative and high-quality transfusion diagnostic products to hospitals, blood banks and other healthcare institutions, is pleased to announce that its range of ALBAsera[R] Rare Antisera products have been licensed for sale by the U.
Contract awarded for taxo purchase of cefoxitin, imipenem taxo, taxo amikacin, taxo chloramphenicol-b antisera 10ml, 10ml-d antisera, antisera-a 10ml, rapid test for hcg.
Serotyping was performed by using 1) an antisera kit specific for all type- and group-factor antigens (Denka Seiken, Tokyo, Japan) and 2) a panel of monoclonal antibodies against S.