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Synonyms for antisepsis

(of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms

the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganisms

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Compliance with standards relating to obtaining informed consent, skin and bottle-top antisepsis and BC collection technique was variable (Fig.
3) Lotions are often recommended to ease the dryness resulting from frequent hand washing or hand antisepsis.
The removal of wristwatches, bracelets and other jewellery is generally advised for all clinical hand hygiene episodes--not only for surgical antisepsis.
From there, it took but some trial-and-error to lead the way in developing antisepsis.
Walsh mentions that medical books from the late Middle Ages show that surgeons of that time, though unaware of the existence of microorganisms, nevertheless learned from experience and observation the importance of antisepsis and therefore employed wine with a high alcohol content to wash wounds and thereby avoid infection.
Antisepsis, Disinfection, and Sterilization: Types, Action, and Resistance.
Joseph Lister revolutionized surgery with carbolic acid antisepsis.
Several of the companies attending Arab Health have developed technology to support medicine in its progress: laboratory equipment, ever more accurate and efficient diagnostics devices, as well as solutions to improve medical environments: asepsis, antisepsis, sterilisation, the preservation of human samples and medicine using genuine cold chain logistics and more.
Lister, perceiving that Pasteur's heat sterilization had no relevance to surgical procedures, turned to chemical antisepsis with carbolic acid by 1867.
In spite of the antisepsis at the injection site the bacteria found in the haemolymph and hepatopancreas in saline injected shrimp may be related to the wound caused by injection that allowed the opportunistic microorganisms in from the water.
Unlike the earlier studies, the current study took place in a hospital "in which professional care and facilities were superior, antibiotic use was extensive, aseptic conditions were maintained and overall rates of mortality and sepsis were low"; Mullany and Biggar note that the lack of such conditions in previous studies "might explain why chlorhexidine antisepsis was reported as efficacious.
Emphasis is also being placed on proper skin antisepsis prior to CVC insertion.
The level of antisepsis is based on the maintenance capabilities of the staff rather than absolute sterility such as that found in a hospital operating suite.
We know now that if you adhere strictly to science, if you follow every single one of these five steps [good hand hygiene, maximal barrier precautions upon insertion, chlorhexidine skin antisepsis, optimal catheter site selection, and daily review of line necessity with prompt removal of unnecessary lines], you can .
Other important developments in preventing maternal mortality were the successful introduction of anaesthesia with ether by Jackson and Morton in Boston (1846), (22) the technique of asepsis by Ignace Semmelweis in Vienna (1847), (23) and antisepsis by Lord Lister in Edinburgh (1867).