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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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Finally, this study cautions us on a number of levels against the utility of analytically vague, overarching pronouncements on nineteenth-century German antisemitism.
In each chapter in the chronological history, he spends disproportionate time on the questions of how much antisemitism existed, from what quarters it emanated, and what consequence it had for Anglo-Jewish history.
Jewish community of Sao Tome Island, and Jerome Friedman's learned and wide-ranging study of the "religious alternatives" available to New Christians (which were illusory, in light of the racial antisemitism that replaced religious and ethnic antipathy) are great reading.
Overall, the volume is well written, balanced in its assessment of Polish antisemitism and of the rather unique role of Jews in Polish society over the centuries, and attractively printed.
Crude black antisemitism, in the form of a Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) pamphlet containing Jews with dollar bill signs for eyes, emerged in 1967.
Blurton and Johnson respond to what they read as a series of critical impasses on some long-standing and densely intertwined questions regarding Chaucer's Prioress' Tale, including antisemitism, the disruption in the narrative, and whether the tale is a satire.
In Vienna, the actuality of National Socialism and related forms of antisemitism that are based on defensiveness against guilt can be felt at every turn, which was the reason for us to choose the focus on contemporary antisemitism in the shadow of the Holocaust as the focus for this conference.
Most studies of modernist antisemitism begin in the late thirties and forties when antisemitism is most obvious, without considering the history and evolution of the discourse itself.
He correctly recognizes that antisemitism is "among the most versatile of hatreds" (p.
Rosenfeld posits that the problem of campus antisemitism appears to be largely "coastal"--that it appears most acutely on campuses in California and, to a lesser extent, in the Northeast.
The rhetoric of radical anti-Zionism, even when it sails under the flag of "antiracism" is proving itself a "worthy" heir of racist antisemitism.
Berger and Patterson, two distinguished American professors of Jewish studies, have combined their talents to produce a book on contemporary issues in Antisemitism facing Jews and Christians together.
By all traditional standards of measurement, antisemitism would seem to be a passing phenomenon.
As Hillel Halkin put it, "the new anti-Israelism is nothing but the old antisemitism in disguise.
Antisemitism and Xenophobia in Germany after Unification.