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Synonyms for scurvy

Synonyms for scurvy

a condition caused by deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

of the most contemptible kind

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Captain Cook's beer: the antiscorbutic use of malt and beer in late 18th century sea voyages.
L-ascorbyl-2-monophosphate has equal antiscorbutic activity as L-ascorbic acid but L-ascorbyl-2-sulfate is inferior to L-ascorbic acid for channel catfish.
An important development in this regard was the British navy's daily ration of lime juice as an antiscorbutic starting in 1795.
This essay is based on Cook's written accounts that document his addition to the sailors' diets of the local fresh greens, which provided the antiscorbutic vitamin, ascorbic acid.
The plant has astringent, antiscorbutic, antitumor and rubefacient properties [8-9].
Sir Richard Hawkins wrote about the potent antiscorbutic properties of citrus fruits 200 years before Cook.
The name "water-soluble C" was initially proposed by Drummond [15] in 1919 for the antiscorbutic factor.