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Synonyms for antiquate

make obsolete or old-fashioned

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give an antique appearance to


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Monroe, Robert, "The Antiquation of America's Nuclear Weapons," Washington Times, March 4, 2013.
One of the issues that I think is not completely resolved and is going to be an issue for the next president is the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and its increasing antiquation.
In so doing, both parties stymie the process of Hindu religiosity's adaptations to "multiple modernities" (Appadurai 1996, Eisenstadt 2000, Tambiah 2000), which ultimately results in the antiquation and fixity of our understanding of what it means to be Hindu.
Previous research has indicated that the benefit of experience to organizations may decay over time due to forgetting and antiquation of learning (Argote, Beckman, & Epple, 1990).
Acknowledging the antiquation of a "physiognomy," Adorno nevertheless insists on the concept in describing the interface animated by the broadcast "current" best understood in terms of a vital circulatory flow.
Some feathers have likely been ruffled along the way, and Close's "intentionalism" is susceptible, amidst the leaps and bounds of critical inquiry, to the charge of antiquation.
17) In other words, the very mindset that produced imperial hegemony--the confidence in reason, disciplined deployment of technoscience, and posture of mastery--has eroded, replaced by a deracinated fatalism and an almost mystical embrace of its own antiquation.