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Synonyms for antiquary

an expert or collector of antiquities

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The north and the Highlands appear, in The Antiquary as in Waverley and Rob Roy, as the last museumlike bastion of social arrangements once common to Saxon, Norman, and Gael (W 413).
We've also got TEN second prizes of a 70cl bottle of The Antiquary and a branded polo shirt, and 2500 runners-up will each receive a miniature of The Antiquary.
The third novel in the Waverley series, The Antiquary (1816), is a meta-archaeological novel that explores the epistemic relations of materials to historical story-telling.
In the end, however, Scott allows that the balance promoted by The Antiquary is ultimately unsustainable and that his ideological position must fail the stringent test of fiction: the novel's denouement--which confirms Scott's sense of history as a contested legacy--reveals political and economic energies that cannot be contained by the triumph of entail.
The Antiquary at Roy Sim Antiques Lower Mill Street, Blairgowrie.
In Canon Alberic's Scrapbook, a young Cambridge antiquary discovers the dark side of manuscript illumination, in a medieval town in the French Pyrenees.
In Canon Alberic's Scrap-book, a young Cambridge antiquary discovers the dark side of manuscript illumination, in a medieval town in the French Pyrenees.
Piggott, William Stukeley: An Eighteenth-Century Antiquary (1985), 79-109; Mowl and Earnshaw, John Wood, 208.
John Stow, antiquary, chronicler, topographer, editor, collector of manuscripts, and merchant tailor, was an elder contemporary of Shakespeare whose work impinged most directly on Shakespeare's through Stow s contributions to Holinshed's Chronicles and possibly through Stew's updated (and unsuccessful) rival to Holinshed, the Annals of 1592.
We first met Jonathan Oldbuck in Scott's third novel, The Antiquary, which lampoons the practice of antiquarianism.
Miller's illuminating study of Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc, organized around the cultural function of the antiquary, makes an excellent contribution to early modern intellectual and social history.
Many of the 60 bottles of Antiquary Whisky - from the 1940s and 50s - are still in their original crates.
Largely inspired by seventeenth-century scientist and antiquary Sir Thomas Browne, Erik Desmazieres, one of the world's finest contemporary printmakers, and Patrick Mauries (author of Cabinets of Curiosities) have teamed up to celebrate the macabre and the melancholy in this superb volume.
By the late seventeenth century the Pillar was no longer standing, but the damaged inscription was recorded by the famous Welsh antiquary Edward Lhuyd.
The antiquary John Collingwood Bruce wrote: "In the Second Century, Rome exhibited on the banks of the Tyne the triumphs of her engineering skill.