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an expert or collector of antiquities

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While literary romance was lucrative enough to float, for a time, the historical fantasy of Abbotsford, his "Delilah"(15) typifies the stiff ideological prices at the heritage market, of which Scott the antiquary, romance writer, and architect was a broker.
Jonathan Oldbuck, staunch Whig and eponymous antiquary, unearths several ancient weapons before girding on "`the sword ...
The Antiquary, in its distinctive diamond-shaped bottle, was named after the famous novel written by Sir Walter Scott.
Scott gives himself an answer in the short "advertisement" (i.e., preface) that precedes the first edition of The Antiquary and was considerably expanded later:
an almanack!' cries the horrified antiquary, ' "not that bauble!" flinging away a little pocket almanack.
In 1926, before Mirrlees began work on the biography, she expressed a similar attitude towards literature and appears to have been enthralled by another romantic antiquary. In her essay "Some Aspects of the Art of Alexej Michailovich Remizov", Mirrlees discusses how her friend, the folklore-inspired Russian fantasy author Alexej Remizov, relates to the category of what she calls "decorative" or "rococo" writers.
(9) Within months, and two years before publishing his academic pamphlet, James had partially revealed the discovery in fictional form, spinning his discovery of the wandering glass into a tale to fill out Ghost-Stories of an Antiquary brought out for the Christmas season of 1904.
This comic, and, for the proud baronet, extremely embarrassing encounter points to a complex political and economical context that informs The Antiquary. Oldbuck's concern about the falling stock markets would certainly have resonated with the novel's readers during the post-Napoleonic era (the time of its publication), a period of great social and political crisis for Britain, with the skyrocketing national debt looming large over a nation struggling to stave off inevitable economic depression.
Woolson presents the interpretive relationship between the male antiquary and women's art according to what she saw as the tendency of myopic critics to misinterpret, overlook, or undervalue her own art as well as that of other aspiring women artists.
The antiquary and lieutenant of Dover Castle, Sir Edward Dering (1598-1644), later owned the roll, which measures 2.64 m by 21 cm and is now on display in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery.
The scrapbook had been transferred from the Canadian Parliamentary Library in 1973 and had previously been owned by Dawson Turner (1775-1858), a British banker, botanist, antiquary and Fellow of the Royal Society.
The word 'antiquary' has always had somewhat pejorative overtones: even in the 18th century, when the Society of Antiquaries was founded, its members were the frequent butt of satire, mocked for their indiscriminate fascination with the detritus of the past.
Blairgowrie's new Antiquary restaurant boasts an eye-catching decor as well as a picturesque setting by the River Ericht.
Over a century after their first publication, his Ghost Stories of an Antiquary remain one the most admired collections of supernatural tales in the English language.
M R James's Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, first published over a century ago, are still the most admired tales of the supernatural in the English language.