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the antiparticle of a quark

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For instance, it's possible that the fivefold structure is not a spherical lump but rather a moleculelike arrangement in which a so-called kaon, which is made of a quark and an antiquark, orbits a neutron, which is made of three quarks.
Larger groupings of quarks and antiquarks may have existed in the early universe and may persist today in extremely dense stars, says theorist Marek Karliner of Tel Aviv University.
One clue would be a sudden outpouring of thousands of hadrons, which are particles made up of quarks and antiquarks.
Indeed, in a meson, an s quark is attracted just by the field of one antiquark that carries one monopole unit.
The energy of an antiquark is naturally obtained by conjugating the energy of the corresponding quark
The laws of quantum mechanics as applied to the wave function that is associated with the quark-antiquark system, imply that for a quark and antiquark, having angular momentum, L, the parity is established by:
Hence, when we have hybrid combinations of quarks and antiquarks, a quark and an antiquark will annihilate their colors and, therefore, what's left should be a multiple of three number of quarks (in the case when the number of quarks is bigger, and the difference in the formula is positive), or a multiple of three number of antiquarks (in the case when the number of antiquarks is bigger, and the difference in the formula is negative).
Like other mesons, DsJ(2632) is thought to contain one quark--a strange quark--and one antiquark--a charm antiquark.
Mesons, such as kaons and pions, on the other hand, contain one quark and one antiquark each.
quarks of different colors, or a quark of one color and an antiquark carrying the corresponding anticolor.
Antiquark, of Brinscombe, said 63 jobs will go at its Wimberley Mills factory, leaving 83 workers to produce the resin models loved by collectors.
In the SU(3) representations the quark and antiquark contributions cancel.
c] meson contains a charm quark and a bottom antiquark.