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an expert or collector of antiquities

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Just as Enlightenment historicism looked laterally to other primitive cultures in order to look back into the national past, Romantic antiquarianism looked inwardly to a writer's own personal history in order to gaze back into the history of the nation.
In these nine essays, contributors reimagine the past, facing challenges to archanism and antiquarianism in Korea and Japan.
in terms of their resonance with Britain's military presence in Egypt), he points out that the most interesting things about them is that they appear at all, that is to say that after a long period in which Egypt was more associated with the sublime or with popular antiquarianism, it came to be read in decidedly gothic terms; the stories are part of a more general 'curdling in the English cultural imagination about Egypt' (p83).
Mirrlees's imaginative approach to the art of antiquarianism highlights the crafted-tangible and visual-nature of texts and art more broadly, and their status as historical curios, contrasting strongly with what Mirrlees describes as the essentially verbal and logical art of historians.
Rowland offers a convincing case for the way in which the Opies retain the formalist strategies of Romantic antiquarianism but one might also ask whether such practices are still extant today.
Counterhistory undertakes a movement through and beyond certain theories and practices of history--especially Christian supersessionism, but also the antiquarianism and hyper-rationalism of the Science of Judaism [the Wissenschaft movement]--that occasions their rethinking or undoing from within" (39).
This format also affirmed renaissance meteorology as a subject about which little conclusive knowledge could be formed, whether by scholars interested in Aristotle, antiquarianism, or geology, and the unknowability of God's purpose.
During most part of the 20th century, much of the history of archaeology read as an account of the progressive journey out of the darkness of antiquarianism toward scientific archaeology, typically associated to rationality and objectivity (e.
But our textual double-take also requires that we reconsider how James represents the haunted experience of errant antiquarianism and its undisciplined attachments during an era of emergent professionalism in the field of medieval studies.
These are false choices, and, in positing them, Phillips and Reay do more damage to their own work than to the scholarship they critique because their interest in the past comes across as antiquarianism, in contrast to their stated intentions.
This seemingly casual and humorous travel anecdote illuminates the critical connections Woolson had been making between antiquarianism and women's art in her short stories before 1890.
This is a journal seized of the view that historical inquiry, conversation and debate should have a reach far beyond the academy; that is to say, we believe that if inquiry is confined to the realms of either arcane antiquarianism or academic point-scoring, then it has no prospect of social agency or influence.
Bushaway also relates his account to the development of folklore as an object for study in its own right, retrieving custom from romantic antiquarianism and 'merrie England' and bringing it back into the mainstream of social history.
It is a work of superior antiquarianism which is of great significance to historians, even those who prefer to look at the 'big picture' interpreted through theory, but it is also much more than either of these.