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an expert or collector of antiquities

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I was enthralled by the chapters of earlier Gaelic literature by O Cathasaigh and Ni Mhaonaigh; I was pleased to see the fairly unknown tradition of Irish antiquarianism and history-writing here masterfully enshrined as part of the literary tradition by Clare O'Halloran.
60) The activities of men such as Winston were regarded, Bratton argues, as a primitive antiquarianism, superseded after the 1830s by more "scientific" and literary models of theater historiography that rejected the gathering together of mere fact and anecdote in favor of a synthesizing analysis based on rigorous principles of textual criticism.
The libretto, by Ferdinando Galiani, brilliantly spoofs the prevailing intellectual obsession with antiquarianism, which had been fuelled in no small measure by the discovery earlier in the century of the buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
For an account of Ferguson's unionism in the light of his interest in antiquarianism see Colin Graham, 'Hireling Strangers and the Wandering Throne: Ireland, Scotland and Samuel Ferguson', Estudios Irlandese no.
Although the author does not deal with larger cultural concerns, students of the period will recognize the hallmarks of midcentury German liberal historicism in Brahms's approach--the notion that past styles and genres serve only as a starting point and must be integrated convincingly with contemporary cultural trends to hold any aesthetic validity--a position that stands in direct opposition to antiquarianism and its concomitant political conservatism, both attitudes erroneously attributed to Brahms at various points in the past.
The curators have determinedly avoided the most obvious kind of ruin show, which would have gathered the masterpieces of Romantic antiquarianism and let us feast on broken arches.
Archaism and Antiquarianism in Korean and Japanese Art
Miller, who locates Browne in relation to seventeenth-century antiquarianism and interestingly places Sebald at "the end of this tradition" (313-15).
submission to mediaevalism" with his own conviction that "it was not antiquarianism or quattrocentrism in any sense" but, rather, "the frank worship of Nature, kept in check by selection and directed by the spirit of imaginative purpose" (2:343,357; Hunt's emphasis).
These are false choices, and, in positing them, Phillips and Reay do more damage to their own work than to the scholarship they critique because their interest in the past comes across as antiquarianism, in contrast to their stated intentions.
This is a journal seized of the view that historical inquiry, conversation and debate should have a reach far beyond the academy; that is to say, we believe that if inquiry is confined to the realms of either arcane antiquarianism or academic point-scoring, then it has no prospect of social agency or influence.
Bushaway also relates his account to the development of folklore as an object for study in its own right, retrieving custom from romantic antiquarianism and 'merrie England' and bringing it back into the mainstream of social history.
It is a work of superior antiquarianism which is of great significance to historians, even those who prefer to look at the 'big picture' interpreted through theory, but it is also much more than either of these.
Finally, there were also a few too many instances of antiquarianism scattered throughout the book.