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medication with antipyretics to treat a fever

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Well known for its antidiuretic and vasopressive properties, AVP plays an important role in antipyresis via the ventral septal area of the limbic system.
Taken together, these results support a role for AVP in antipyresis with natural and induced fevers.
Antipyresis is another common indication for the administration of these agents, particularly in the pediatric age group.
Salicylate Analgesic, antipyresis 20-100 [micro]g/mL
1], which is accepted as the lower concentration of the therapeutic analgesic range (4,5,12,19,23) and for antipyresis (24).
It has been suggested that this practice of alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen is frequently instituted as a result of insufficient dosage amounts or inappropriate dosing schedules of acetaminophen that produce "subtherapeutic" plasma concentrations, therefore preventing effective antipyresis (Kearns et al.
Thus, it has been recommended that the lowest therapeutic dose that provides sufficient antipyresis should be used in order to prevent potential toxicity or adverse side effects in children (AAP, 2001).
Mann, Goerig, Brune, and Luft (1993) reported that renal side effects were dose- dependent, and were not observed at the dose level and frequency necessary for antipyresis.
Maximum antipyresis was reached at approximately 3-4 hours after administration for both drugs (Kauffman & Nelson, 1992; Kelley et al, 1992; Wilson et al, 1991).