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a substance that relieves or prevents itching

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Different research groups have showed antispasmodic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antigenotoxic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant effects of MEO previously (McKay and Blumberg 2006).
agreed Monday to jointly develop and market an antipruritic agent, TRK-820, for hepatic disease patients, the companies said.
It is also used off label as an antipruritic in some patients with psychiatric conditions, such as those with delusions of parasitosis or central nervous system pruritus.
During the course of this disease most individuals will experience chronic intractable pruritus unresponsive to standard antipruritic agents (e.
The proteins and polysaccharides in colloidal oatmal form a protective barrier, providing antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects.
For example, hydrocortisone can be used as a topical antipruritic, multiple oral agents containing dextromethorphan are available for antitussive effects and agents containing benzocaine/tetracaine can be used for topical analgesic effects.
Tokyo, Japan, Nov 30, 2006 - (JCN) - Toray, JT and Torii Pharmaceutical announced November 28 that the companies have filed for a new drug application in Japan for TRK-820, an antipruritic agent originally discovered by Toray.
Naphthoquinones have a wide range of activities, including antispasmodic, antibacterial and antipruritic effects (Bruneton, 1995).
is proud to announce the commercial launch of its Atrapro[TM] brand with two products, Atrapro[TM] Antipruritic Hydrogel and Atrapro[TM] Dermal Spray with Preservatives.
The line, consisting of seven topical products including antipruritic shampoo, medicated ear cleanser, medicated ear hydrogel, antipruritic spray, wound shield, and two deterrent products, an industry first, will be launched at the upcoming CVC meeting in Kansas City, MO on August 25-27, 2012.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 5, 2006 - (JCN) - Toray, Japan Tobacco and Torii Pharmaceutical have agreed to develop and market TRK-820, an antipruritic agent discovered at Toray's Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories, for hepatic disease patients in Japan.
Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals' Atopiclair is a hydrolipidic cream whose active ingredient is glycyrrhetinic acid, which is known to have anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties.
For active symptoms and exacerbations, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory medications must be used.