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someone who is elected pope in opposition to another person who is held to be canonically elected

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After Clement VII and Urban VI died, the schism continued through their respective successors, Pope Boniface IX (who became the 'Roman' pope in 1389) and Benedict XIII (the Avignon antipope who was crowned in 1394).
The 600-year-old Papal Bull, a parchment document with the seal of Pope John XXIII - frequently called the AntiPope - will take up new residence at the Chester archive.
39) In 1377, Cardinal Robert of Geneva (later Antipope Clement VII, r.
When the drawing was sold at Christie's in London in 1988 its subject was identified as the encounter of Pius II with the Antipope Felix, and related to Pintoricchio's frescoes in the Piccolomini Library in Siena.
This feast of other-worldly entertainment is based on the books Eric by Terry Pratchett and The Antipope by Robert Rankin.
One special author is followed by another when The Antipope - World Premiere Tour brings the work of Robert Rankin, award-winning best-selling author of the absurd, to the theatre on Wednesday.
Having served as the able and energetic secretary of Duke Amedeo VIII of Savoy, Piccolomini found himself notably distanced from the Papacy after the Council of Basel rejected Pope Eugenius IV in 1439 and put Amedeo in his place (as Antipope Felix V).
67) Nicolas, the teacher of Maurus, was according to the Pisa tradition an apostate antipope in opposition to the apostles.
The volume covers the life of this scholar, who ended his career as a cardinal in the entourage of Felix V, today considered an antipope in Catholic literature.
Cardinal Pierre d'Ailly (1350-1420), a distinguished French theologian and educator whose interests included astronomy, persuaded his friend, the antipope John XXIII, to issue a decree in 1412 correcting the calendar, but it was ignored.
He appointed Clement III as antipope (1080) and captured Rome in 1084.
The deacon confides in the bishop that he is there because he continued to support the antipope Laurentius even after the church had healed the schism with Laurentius' party and universally accepted Symmachus as pope.
Greenblatt's speculation about Poggio's activities at the Council of Constance, where he was secretary to Baldassare Cossa, an antipope during the Great Western Schism, is somewhat suspect.
That second current will make itself felt during Benedict's trip, as the government has recently approved two antipope rallies, including one by a gay and lesbian rights group.
After Basel elected an antipope, Nicholas vigorously defended Eugenius's cause throughout Germany.