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any two places or regions on diametrically opposite sides of the Earth

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Alicia was to lodge with a distant relative of her mother's in a suburb of London; was to concert measures with this relative on the best method of turning her jewels into money; and was to follow her convict husband to the Antipodes, under a feigned name, in six months' time.
Since he was not in the grave, I could bear, I thought, to learn that he was at the Antipodes.
Dana, that 'it is certainly a wonderful fact that New Zealand should have a closer resemblance in its crustacea to Great Britain, its antipode, than to any other part of the world.
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has evacuated a government staff member with a potentially serious condition from the Antipodes Islands in its second medical evacuation in three weeks.
Hong Kong's Antipodes, captained by Geoff Hill, ended up as bridesmaid with a corrected clocking of 31:43: 12 while local entry Karakoa, helmed by Ray Ordoveza, came in at third overall in 54:57:59, according Zed Avecilla, one of the event administrators.
Purchase Antipodes where additional coming-of-age stories are needed.
They explore such matters as the early modern couch: Richard Brome's The Antipodes as Freudian material, a world of one's own: Margaret Cavendish and the science of self-fashioning, anti-rhetorical continuities in English science and literature, and readers of nerves and tears: from plague to Pamela.
The anti-Israel virus infecting left-wing politicians in the northern hemisphere has reached the antipodes.
Parlant de Beji Caid Essebsi, il a indique que ce dernier tenait en sa presence un langage aux antipodes de celui destine aux Tunisiens.
1768: Captain Cook set off on his first voyage, to explore the Antipodes.
NATIONAL DAY OF JORDAN 1768: Captain Cook set off on his first voyage, to explore the Antipodes.
NATIONAL DAY OF JORDAN 1768: Captain Cook set off to explore the Antipodes.
Skippered by British Geoff Hill, Antipodes tamed the strong winds off the coast of this island paradise to snatch victory in the fourth race that sailed as far as Carabao Island, covering 30 nautical miles.
A supply ship left the South Island port of Timaru carrying helicopters and equipment to join a passenger yacht already on its way to the World Heritage-listed Antipodes Island.
Les retrouvailles s'annoncent donc chaudes pour deux equipes aux antipodes.