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Synonyms for antipodean

Synonyms for antipodean

relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth


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Considering the colonial origins of white Australia and New Zealand, and the colonialism that has defined these two nations, it may seem ironic that a group of white antipodean scholars have written a book on Classical Reception Studies "down under." With a traditional structure, and a historical range from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries, Johnson cites the book's most important contribution as the established collection of scholarship in classics and imperialism, and classics and post-colonialism.
Beresford still struggled and asked again for Linden to repeat it "more slowly and in Antipodean English".
Two of them hadn't taken the Antipodean Studies test yet came through with flying colours, while the oldest lad in the class continues to set a fine example with his industry and attitude.
The crisis of antipodean Fordism represents the decline of a structured totality with a range of economic, political and cultural dimensions.
Sources close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard remained hopeful that, given the large number of wretched kaffir and filthy apostates they had driven from the blessed motherland into the clutches of the accursed antipodean infidel, that the accursed antipodean infidel might see their way clear to giving them some of those new submarines or air warfare destroyers they were building.
A Place Called Home by Jason Grant, PS25, published by Hardie Grant Taking an antipodean approach to home interiors, this style bible is full of colour, style and sunshine.
Wentworth Prison (Five, Wednesday, 10pm) REMEMBER Prisoner: Cell Block H, the cult Australian drama that used to be shown on late night ITV and apparently starred every Antipodean actress over the age of 30?
AFTERNOON: Off to Twickenham for an England rugby international against Ireland or a touring Antipodean team.
AS AUSTRALIA watches the every move of Black Caviar at Royal Ascot this week, the Antipodean raid on the big meeting gets underway this afternoon with Ortensia in the King's Stand Stakes.
fetching hop style advances JULIA STONE By The Horns The second solo album from Antipodean songstress Julia attempts to forensically tackle relationships and emotional attachment.
An antipodean reader writes to Eye to bemoan the flagrant misuse of the term "engineer" in the Australian press.
BORO'S Antipodean quartet have all been named in their countries' World Cup squads.
The couple performed a song for fellow Antipodean Simon Baker, to the tune of Down Under by Men at Work.
He said: "I didn't fall into this as an ignorant antipodean...