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"The Road to the Antipodes" series is inspired by the landscape of antipodes she saw during air travel between France and Korea.
If a Hopf algebra H is commutative or cocommutative, then it is well-known that its antipode S: H [right arrow] H is an involution: [S.sup.2] = id.
Ivan Argote tests this theory, surveying a pair of modern-day antipodes for his twenty-two-minute video As Far As We Could Get, 2017.
"It's fortunate the Antipode spotted the stricken yacht and immediately contacted us.
Noel Meade is doublehanded with Narquois, a winner twice from his last three starts over hurdles, and Naas debut winner Antipode, who subsequently disappointed at Navan.
RAW and exhilarating dance is the order of the day as four young male dancers are joined by a double bass player for the Welsh premiere of Antipode from Retina Dance Company, which takes place at Swansea's Taliesin Arts Centre next week.
He is tackling easier ground for the first time, as is Naas hurdling debut winner Antipode.
The antipode of the Schutz phantasmagoria appears in the form of Robert Melee's me/mommy/drag/horror/let's-put-on-a-show video, photo, and, uh, memorabilia installations.
Contract notice:District equipment zac de la courrouze - antipode mjc library - construction revival of lot n 4 4
The Reserve Bank of Australia has argued that "signs of stabilization" in global growth (and particularly in China, a key trading partner) will help the larger antipode weather the current crisis better than most other industrialized economies.
The industrial sector employs about 19% of New Zealand's labor force, so a rebound here would certainly help to boost hiring, promote spending, and help lift the smaller antipode out of the worst recession in over three decades.
Guy Nowell of said that with the IRC Overall being calculated from the Limit Point Line, Standard Insurance Centennial came in second in IRC Overall with a corrected time of 124h 42m 13s ahead of Antipodes' 124h 52m 10s.
Antipodes of Richard Hudson won the overall combined title and all the bragging rights in this year's SBIR followed by Karakoa of Ray Ordoveza and Misty Mountain of George Hacket.
GOERGE HILL'S Antipodes claimed line honors but it was Jude Echauz who hoisted the trophy after his Centennial III emerged champion after the corrected time was applied in the Second Subic Bay Around Verde Island Passage Race.
NATIONAL DAY OF JORDAN 1768: Captain Cook set off on his first voyage, to explore the Antipodes.