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Synonyms for antipodal

Synonyms for antipodal

the relation of opposition along a diameter

relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth


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Dadgarpour, "Design and optimization of compact balanced antipodal Vivaldi antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
The dense LLSVP and ULVZ reservoirs could have remained largely isolated for most of the Earth's history and stabilized antipodal near the equator by Earth's rotation [50].
The ellipses for foci [F.sub.1] and [F.sub.2] may be regarded as hyperbolae for F1 and the antipodal point to [F.sub.2], named [F'.sub.2] (or for [F.sub.2] and the antipodal point to [F.sub.1], named [F'.sub.1] ).
Continuities is a modest two-person retrospective (of the work of Ann Roberts and Mimi Cabri) that successfully reveals the different and antipodal artistic strategies pursued consistently by these mature Canadian ceramists.
These are characteristics that have cropped up again and again in Condo's portraits since the mid-1990s, when he coined the term 'antipodal beings' to describe them--a reference to Aldous Huxley's essay 'Heaven and Hell' (1956), in which the author proposes that there are creatures in the 'Antipodes' of our minds who 'live their own lives in complete independence.
Singleton [10] has introduced the concept of antipodal graph of a graph G as the graph A(G) having the same vertex set as that of G and two vertices are adjacent if they are at a distance of diam(G) in G.
For the present moment there is no generally accepted definition for risk, but exists a variety of definitions, which are sometimes antipodal. The method of estimation of composite index risk for theoretical and practical researches has not been formed.
Let [a.sub.2n,k] denote the number of non-crossing connected graphs with 2n vertices and k pairs of antipodal edges, where a diameter counts as one pair.
For example, there is "Africa's antipodal ant annexation" (1), and Albert accepts it, saying, "ants are Ameisen" (1).
Shoukri added that real estate market buyers could be divided into two antipodal categories: high and low-income buyers.
Plane elliptic geometry is closely related to spherical geometry, but it differs in that antipodal points on the sphere are identified.
Stevens ennobles this work of the "second birth" (the "remaking" of the self) by introducing an "antipodal, far-fetched creature / worthy of birth."
(17) Whether or not such an antipodal landmass existed remained a major subject of debate and speculation throughout classical and medieval times.