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A monoclonal antiplatelet antibody, developed by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY), binds to a receptor on the platelet and blocks a necessary step in that clotting process.
In an optimistic scenario, Barry Coller of SUNY speculates that r-tPA could someday be combined with the antiplatelet antibody to prevent an immediate recurrence of the clot.
For these reasons, antiplatelet antibody testing is not currently recommended for the initial diagnosis of ITP [9].
There is no doubt that the reader not only focused platelet count but also antiplatelet antibody response in his study [12] but my sentence in the article [1] "In brief, to date, virtually all of the randomized clinical trials conducted in children with ITP have focused on platelet counts as the sole outcome measure" was just to put emphasize that the response outcome measured was not the clinical improvement but it was just improvement in platelet count.