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alternate (responsive) singing by a choir in two parts

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a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

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Heisig picked up this theme of "call-and-response" and suggested that this antiphony is the basic condition for what he termed "cultural disarmament.
The composite opening starts with a pair of verses (1/21) generating a strict echo-pattern typical to antiphony.
The novel's antiphony is even more pronounced in this section as conflicts are waged between writing and speech, past and present, and personal and national experience.
However, it is also within the reach of a competent parish choir and organist, while the full cathedral choir can make effective use of the score with harmony and antiphony.
of a new antiphony, by playing an overt, actually spoken, suspiciously
10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Environmental Tectonics Corporation ("ETC" or the "Company") today announced that it was implementing some of the recommendations which management developed in conjunction with Antiphony consultants during the major planning process undergone last fall.
If my work is faithfully to reflect the aesthetic tradition of Afro-American culture, it must make conscious use of the characteristics of its art forms and translate them into print: antiphony, the group nature of art, its functionality, its improvisational nature, its relationship to audience performance, the critical voice which upholds tradition and communal values and which also provides occasion for an individual to transcend and/or defy group restrictions.
I tried this in my electronic piece O sacrum convivium--which is an antiphony on Corpus Christi.
Likewise, the antiphony between the double choruses was blurred.
Of course, not just anybody is qualified to be a Bishop--entrusted with the care of souls and the care of those who care for souls--and so the candidate engages in a sort of antiphony to witness publicly his fitness for high pastoral Office.
The idea of antiphony is appropriate, given Forfini's penchant for the choral and dialectical response, for the critical exposure of the commonplace through a highly cultivated lyrical poetry.
In 1992, theorist Paul Gilroy considered the "familialization of politics" in relation to black popular culture and proposed an "ethics of antiphony.
This is so whether we discuss (as Cavell does in this quotation) the antiphony between Wittgenstein and American Pragmatism, or from within Cavell's own writings.
Sjogren gives his collection the subtitle "Suite of Poetry," and the musical pattern is obvious in this antiphony, where the voices of the drowned and those left behind are contrasted.
grain, and ``Valhalla'' plays like an antiphony to ``Dances With Wolves,'' which idealized American Indians.