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alternate (responsive) singing by a choir in two parts

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a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response

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The composite opening starts with a pair of verses (1/21) generating a strict echo-pattern typical to antiphony.
In two relatively recent cases, the Supreme Court has created some antiphony of its own, providing fodder to litigants on both sides of the claim denial divide.
The highlight of this adroitly-constructed programme is obviously Thomas Tallis' monumental 40-part motet Spem in Alium, eight five-voice choirs rolling in consonance and antiphony with each other, but there are also works by Striggio, Gabriel Jackson and Alec Roth, who contributes a new piece in honour of the anniversary.
One result of this approach is that the opening 46-measure siciliano section of the opus 38 ballade has simpler phrasing than that of the surviving autograph, in which the more detailed phrasing indications delineate texture changes and clarify the implied antiphony between solo singer, or poet, and sympathetic listener response.
Most notably, Arian Christians attracted "many Orthodox converts by their impressive chanting of the psalms in antiphony with two choirs of singers" (Moran 101).
The novel's antiphony is even more pronounced in this section as conflicts are waged between writing and speech, past and present, and personal and national experience.
Large antiphony from Spain containing two initials with the date 1504 written inside.
However, it is also within the reach of a competent parish choir and organist, while the full cathedral choir can make effective use of the score with harmony and antiphony.
of a new antiphony, by playing an overt, actually spoken, suspiciously
If my work is faithfully to reflect the aesthetic tradition of Afro-American culture, it must make conscious use of the characteristics of its art forms and translate them into print: antiphony, the group nature of art, its functionality, its improvisational nature, its relationship to audience performance, the critical voice which upholds tradition and communal values and which also provides occasion for an individual to transcend and/or defy group restrictions.
The second thing one notices in The Italian's natural theology is a more insistent tracking of the physics of spiritual elevation, as for example when choral matins float heavenward: we perceive their "measured pause," the "softening" and "swelling" of their antiphony "on the wafting breeze"--a man-made echo that "appeared like the music of spirits, watching by night on the summits .
And now look: we have real food and real music,' indicating the laden table and the drumming on the roof and the sweet antiphony of the wall of rain.
Other cults, such as Orphism, which is mentioned only in passing, played a significant antiphony to the classical mainstream.
I tried this in my electronic piece O sacrum convivium--which is an antiphony on Corpus Christi.
Likewise, the antiphony between the double choruses was blurred.