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Synonyms for antiphonary

bound collection of antiphons

relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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MS Chartreuse de Pleterje, MS 4, as well as MS Pleterje 2 are almost identical to the other antiphonaries.
In addition to the five antiphonaries mentioned there are also four small manuscripts from Mont-Sainte Marie containing the rite of the consecration of virgins.
As we shall see, the antiphonaries and graduals of Santa Maria del Fiore include illuminations that are clearly Medicean in their iconographic details.
70) As previously discussed, the cathedral's graduals and antiphonaries produced after the Medici restoration include depictions of the family's most distinguished member, Lorenzo il Magnifico, as well as portraits of Pope Leo X and detailed representations of the events that connected him directly with the cathedral: his entry into Santa Maria del Fiore on 30 November (antiphonary Cod.
Like other prominent Florentine monuments--the Palazzo della Signoria or the church of San Lorenzo, to name only a couple--the Duomo, too, was graduall y but emphatically established as a site of Medicean authority a goal that was carried out largely by means of the painted pages of the city's most magnificent service-books: the graduals and antiphonaries of Santa Maria del Fiore.
Graduals are liturgical books (or service-books) containing the texts and the chants for the Mass; antiphonaries contain the texts and the chants for the Divine Office (e.
This lavish modera presentation of the codex is entirely merited by its witness to the flourishing Angevin period in Hungarian history and by the rarity of secular antiphonaries from this time, even outside of Hungary (none survive from medieval Paris, for example).
The library does own earlier manuscripts, mostly liturgical, that contain music - graduals, antiphonaries, and psalters, for example - and other significant documents, such as Las siete canciones de amor by Martin Codax (fl.
found in their antiphonaries a means of illustrating music by a special employment of ornamentation.