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Synonyms for antiphonal

bound collection of antiphons

containing or using responses


relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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Antiphonal opening: The couple of verses (1, 21) opens the song antiphonally, which is then performed only by the choir of men, from verse 2 to verse 19.
In both instances, Gabriel "gave the others his back" while they chanted antiphonally, and did not take part himself.
The orchestra was arranged antiphonally as two orchestras either side of the audience with cello and bass placed centrally.
Having received the pilota [a leather ball] from the newest canon, the dean, or someone in his place, in former times wearing an amice on his head and the other clergy likewise, began antiphonally the sequence appropriate for the feast of Easter, Victimae paschali laudes.
His words were recited antiphonally in the coffee houses.
As each lament comes to a close, the immediately surrounding community of mourners antiphonally responds with their own cries and tears.
We wrote freely associated poetry, gave lectures in which we read antiphonally from The Critique of Pure Reason and the telephone book, while shills in the audience set off alarm clocks and shot at us with blank cartridges.
10) Not to be confused with the similarly named penitential prayer recited antiphonally in the s'lichot and High Holy Days rituals.
The players contributed some nice obbligatos to the piece, a few times playing antiphonally from the balconies.