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Synonyms for antiphonal

bound collection of antiphons

containing or using responses


relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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I told Quetsch more about Liss than about myself, and he listened with his eyes closed and his head hung low, saying nothing except an occasional antiphonal "yes.
Antiphonal, made by Tom Schofield, of Newcastle University''s Culture Lab, sees excerpts of poetry and sounds from the natural world played in the Lookout Tower on Lindisfarne and the crypt of St Aidan''s Church, Bamburgh.
This antiphonal structure, Vaux maintains, builds on the "charged dialectic" in Eastwood's westerns, most notably The Outlaw Josey Wales, "between conflict and solidarity, apocalypse and peacemaking" (213).
In a music review of Ung's Antiphonal Spirals (1995), Josef Woodard writes that "In this excitingly dense--yet also impressionistic--work, Ung is also tinkering with layerings and orchestral colors, exploring new ways of dealing with the institution of the Western symphony orchestra.
would likely have no teeth left in your antiphonal mouth.
This fact is attested both by Philo of Alexandria (8) and by ancient rabbinic sources discussing various possibilities of antiphonal singing of this hymn.
Bach, the antiphonal singing of Colombian Indians, Greek folk songs, and the voices of Stifter, William Burroughs, and Malcolm X.
Rather, they are antiphonal to the hymnic strains that regulate belief systems" (98).
The position of self and world is first antiphonal and symbiotic, then agonistic and antagonistic.
Better than a half-century later, the elder John would conclude the revelation given to him with the antiphonal prayer that reverberated with that same kind of pregnant anticipation of the Kingdom of Christ: "He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.
Gentle water accompanies the clear spring, people sing in antiphonal style with lofty sentiments.
Then, there are the solo-poems performed in turns by elderly women as interludes in the rendition of the third category, the antiphonal lyrics which are of general participation.
Davidson's title telegraphs a challenge to stable or transparent meaning at the outset, since it yokes verse measures (ballad and blank verse) usually considered antiphonal as if they were congruent.
Some 500 years old, the antiphonal was hand-made by monks in the area of Savoy, in France.