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Synonyms for antiphonal

bound collection of antiphons

containing or using responses


relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony


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Antiphonal histories investigates present-day interpretations of history, human relations, and customs among the Toba Batak people of Indonesia.
Marsialus-alusan is a Batak verb based on the noun alus (answer) that means 'answering back and forth', which Byl glosses as a sort of antiphonal discussion that doesn't privilege one particular answer.
In fact, I'm a minimalist--I'd have music to set the tone at the beginning of Mass and music to set the tone as the priest exits Mass, but no music during the liturgy, except for some antiphonal chanting.
The chapter titles reflect this repetition of anti-structure structure, representative of something like a fractal or a mise-en-abyme or a postmodern polychoral antiphonal liturgical chant: "Preface: Disenchantment"; "Introduction: Death of Nature"; "1: Nature's Enchantments"; "2: Truth's Enchantments"; "3: The Good Enchanting"; "4: Art Enchanting"; "5: Enchanting Bodies"; "6: Betraying Enchantment"; "7: Beyond Enchanting.
Eleven of the manuscripts cover a range of familiar types of books: a missal, a breviary, graduals, an antiphonal, a calendar, and three different books of hours, together with leaves from a Bible and from a Summa de laudibus Mariae.
Here the antiphonal is driven hard, to a "sweet, raking viciousness," and springs with Gerard Manley Hopkins-like counterpointing.
Antiphonal, made by Tom Schofield, of Newcastle University''s Culture Lab, sees excerpts of poetry and sounds from the natural world played in the Lookout Tower on Lindisfarne and the crypt of St Aidan''s Church, Bamburgh.
This antiphonal structure, Vaux maintains, builds on the "charged dialectic" in Eastwood's westerns, most notably The Outlaw Josey Wales, "between conflict and solidarity, apocalypse and peacemaking" (213).
Emic concepts such as 'receiving' or 'accepting' the song as the basis for responsorial or antiphonal singing are addressed through the analysis of specific performances.
would likely have no teeth left in your antiphonal mouth.
This fact is attested both by Philo of Alexandria (8) and by ancient rabbinic sources discussing various possibilities of antiphonal singing of this hymn.
Bach, the antiphonal singing of Colombian Indians, Greek folk songs, and the voices of Stifter, William Burroughs, and Malcolm X.
Rather, they are antiphonal to the hymnic strains that regulate belief systems" (98).
Invocations of the Buddha, comprising two types: the repetitive chanting of a Buddha's name during circumambulation, which Chen identifies as having three musical styles, and the baiyuan (prostration and vowing) invocation, which involves antiphonal singing by the congregation.
Better than a half-century later, the elder John would conclude the revelation given to him with the antiphonal prayer that reverberated with that same kind of pregnant anticipation of the Kingdom of Christ: "He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.