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Intrigued by the use of saline, Peter Bossy, MD, trialled variations on Stevens' treatments, but modified them with already established practices of the antiphlogistic paradigm.
Poplar bark and leaves have antiphlogistic, analgesic, antibacterial and spasmolytic effects.
Willow herb preparations have been used in traditional Aboriginal and folk medicine preparations to treat prostate and gastrointestinal disorders, externally as an antiphlogistic and antiseptic to treat infected wounds.
NMP enhanced the permeation of anti-inflammatory drugs like ketoprofen through mouse skin (17) and produced satisfactory analgesic and antiphlogistic effects pharmacodynamically, suggesting effective blood levels of ibuprofen had been reached (18).
Weed is protecting the skin, has antiphlogistic, antiallergic properties, is not irritative to skin [16].
Elizabeth Fulhame assumed a theoretical position close to that of Lavoisier, but in the end it was her view that both the phlogistonists and the anti-phlogistonists were wrong, She attacked both the phlogistic and antiphlogistic hypotheses at a time when this was the major topic of theoretical debate in chemistry:
15,16) Conservative management of suspected PLF may entail bed rest and antiphlogistic or rheologic therapy.
The herb is known in folk medicine as an antiphlogistic and constringent; it increases biliary secretion and stops internal bleeding.
Andres P, Brenneisen R, Clerc JT (1989) Relating antiphlogistic efficacy of dermatics containing extracts of Symphytum officinale to chemical profiles.
Reaching its peak in popularity during 1830-1850, proponents of the antiphlogistic theory contended that by refraining from specific foods, inflammation--in this case tonsillar skin lesions--could be suppressed (Berman & Flannery, 2001).
com), it is an excellent laxative, antiphlogistic and homeostatic in the treatment of constipation, diarrhoea, jaundice, gastro-intestinal haemorrhage, menstrual disorders, conjunctivitis, sores and ulcers.
Under the agreement terms, Sankyo Pharma will transfer to STADA its 11 proprietary items including endermic antiphlogistic Mobilat and circulatory enhancer and humectant Hirudoid.
3-as antiphlogistic mean reducing pain and subjective complaints in cases of inflammations.
Treatment of the marmoset included removal of the necrotic mucosal surface under anesthesia, local administration of acyclovir, and systemic application of antiemetic, antiphlogistic, and antibiotic agents.
She rejected the positivist-whig idea of Lavoisier as the experimental founder of modern chemistry, and she shifted the locus of the Chemical Revolution from Lavoisier's antiphlogistic chemistry to his more fundamental philosophy of matter.