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designed to inflict death or personal injury rather than material destruction

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L'Association Campagne Internationale contre les mines s'est declaree dans un communique "profondement perturbee par de nouvelles informations sur l'emploi de mines antipersonnel par les forces gouvernementales pres de la capitale San".
Any new use of antipersonnel mines should be strongly condemned by those who care about protecting civilians during and long after armed conflict.
The author has chosen five such weapons: precision-guided munitions, low-yield nuclear weapons, smart antipersonnel land mines, antisatellite weapons, and nonlethal weapons.
On that fateful day, February 8, 2008, the Benavides family became part of a sad statistic recorded every year in Central and South America: now a total of over 1,000 fatal victims from antipersonnel mines.
The soldier, from Gateshead, whose job was to metal-sweep for antipersonnel mines, was killed in Kajaki, North Helmand Province.
The problem lies with antipersonnel mines laid inside the civilian travel restriction zone, he explained.
In June 2005, an Army captain and lieutenant were killed when an antipersonnel mine detonated in their room at the US base in Tikrit.
Summary: Morocco voluntarily implements almost all the provisions of the Ottawa Convention on antipersonnel landmines, Morocco's ambassador to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Omar Hilale, said on Tuesday.
Thailand charged Wednesday that Cambodia violated a mine ban treaty by planting landmines in Thai territory and vowed to bring the charge to the 9th meeting of parties to the Ottawa Treaty on antipersonnel landmines next month.
As of that date, 38,297 antipersonnel mines, 419 antitank mines, and 957,362 explosive remnants of war had been cleared.
The former Beatle said: "Cluster bomblets and antipersonnel mines are unacceptable when they kill and injure innocent civilians including children.
One of the victims is Olinda Giron, aged 17, who was blinded when she stepped on an antipersonnel mine left in the fields by cocaine producers in Miraflores.
The Bush administration plans to resume production of antipersonnel landmine systems in a move that is at odds with both the international community and previous U.
tells the history of mine warfare from the origins of the mine through the development of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the signing of the 1997 Ottawa Convention limiting the manufacture and use of antipersonnel mines.
Against new antipersonnel mines (Delaware County, Santa Cruz); against the Patriot Act (Portland, Des Moines, Berkeley); eminent domain (as state issue, St.