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designed to inflict death or personal injury rather than material destruction

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In some ways, he said, the AMP contains justifications for producing more antipersonnel mines.
But in reality, antipersonnel landmines are not an important part of current military doctrine.
The military can often use brute force to rid an area of antipersonnel mines.
On 28 March, over 50 antipersonnel and antivehicle mines were discovered
2 million emplaced antipersonnel mines since 1999, meeting the 10-year treaty deadline for mine clearance is also proving to be a formidable challenge, the statement said.
I am delighted that on the first day of this historic event one of the world's most mine-affected states has joined the effort to end the suffering caused by antipersonnel mines,'' said Austrian Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch, who is the summit president.
Clears a 2-meter by 45-meter path through antipersonnel mines and wire obstacles
Komano said that Japan provides about 30% of total funds for removing antipersonnel land mines during the current fiscal year and is capable of supplying police vehicles and police communications systems in Afghanistan.
A majority of these organizations have united under the leadership of the ICBL, whose goal is a complete worldwide ban on the production, use, and export of antipersonnel landmines.
By insisting that antipersonnel landmines be retained in the arsenal of the world's greatest military power, the U.
coordinator for the Afghan de-mining program, told a press conference on the occasion of the coming into force of the Ottawa Convention against antipersonnel mines that the World Bank has agreed to assist in the Afghan mine-removal program because of its importance in the economic development of the country.
The Quantum detection system detected 100% of antipersonnel and antitank landmines with no false alarms.
Situe sur la route de Zarzis, ce depot contient deux (2) lance-roquettes de type RPG, vingt (20) roquettes RPG, vingt-et-un (21) grenades, dix (10) mines terrestres antichar et vingt-quatre (24) mines antipersonnel.
Ainsi, au niveau de la 2e Region militaire, 392 mines antipersonnel, 638 mines anti-groupes et 570 mines eclairantes ont ete decouvertes et detruites, alors qu'au niveau de la 5e Region militaire, 2.
During the operations, 36 anti-tank, 16 antipersonnel mines and one UXO were found.