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Synonyms for antipathetic

Synonyms for antipathetic

(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

characterized by antagonism or antipathy

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One of the most significant enterprises of the "new modernism" as delineated by Mao and Walkowitz has been to reveal the degree to which modernism, far from being antipathetic to and differentiated from mass culture, actively participated in the emerging culture and media industries of industrial-administrative modernity.
In addition to conveying such ideas about Jews, The Eternal Jew reflects the antipathetic feeling that Jews are cruel.
Woolf's letter writer agrees, suggesting that "[o]f all colours, red & white are the most antipathetic to the <natural colour> greens & browns & greys of the fields."
Her argument is that, no matter how good the training or the trainee, returning them to a system that is antipathetic to practitioners' desire to act ethically and compassionately is doomed to failure.
Isis, through mainstream media, continues to show the world the cruelty and barbarity it inflicts on those it considers antipathetic to its cause, especially Christians who, simply because they were Christians, were beheaded for the world to see.
Erdoy-an is perceived as an extremely antipathetic, autocratic, anti-US and anti-Semitic leader in Washington.
The India Today- Cicero Exit Poll data shatters the notion that the middle class of Delhi was antipathetic towards Kejriwal.
The sweat and pain were antipathetic to the comfort and ease of normal life.
In that case, the Second Circuit expressed some hesitation toward the rule of non-inquiry, opining that it could 'imagine situations where the relator, upon extradition, would be subject to procedures or punishment so antipathetic to a federal court's sense of decency as to require reexamination of the principle [of non-inquiry].' Id.
some women--(the nurturing, caring sex), being in the forefront of everything that is antipathetic to men, marriage, family, childbearing, and anything else genuinely feminine.
Since the patient's behaviour is patently an 'antipathetic' one (as we can see from the staff's emotional reactions, comments and interpretations), in order to rescue its meaning, we cannot confine ourselves to standard empathic understanding.
At one level this seems like sensible (if timid) advice that acknowledges the antipathetic climate experienced by some.
MITI was considered antipathetic to politics and was known for distancing itself from politics.
They're the "descendants" as it were of those who were pushing for reform under Mubarak, opposed SCAF and then Morsi, and are now deeply antipathetic to the military backed interim government.
The current security threats in the north and the antipathetic responses by the state challenge assurances that the Yemeni government is on the right track.