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(especially of vectors) parallel but oppositely directed

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Snubber circuits may also need to be employed to improve the reverse recovery characteristics of the antiparallel diodes.
In case of IGBTs there is always an antiparallel diode required as reverse current carrier.
N terminal-major antiparallel beta sheet structures and two of the disulphide bonds.
The opening chapters review the use of quantum point contacts with lateral spin-orbit coupling to create a strongly spin-polarized current, a spin MOSFET with ferromagnetic contacts whose magnetizations can be switched from parallel or antiparallel configuration, and a pseudo-spin MOSFET with a magneto tunneling junction connected to the source or the drain.
Live cell imaging and immunolabeling for microtubules and the centralspindlin constituent and kinesin-related protein, MKLP1, demonstrated that furrowing in ammonia-activated eggs was associated with aligned arrays of centralspindlin-linked, opposed bundles of antiparallel microtubules.
The structure of rScEG12 was composed by two leaflets of antiparallel [beta]-sheets, the convex six strands (A1A6) and concave nine strands (B1-B9), as depicted in Fig.
According to its different orientation of micro fibrils there are three forms chitin; a chitin has antiparallel chains, [alpha] chitin has parallel chains and a chain has the mixture of parallel and antiparallel chains (7).
Similar results were obtained for tests of the common configuration of a high breakdown-voltage MOSFET co-packaged with an antiparallel diode--an architecture useful for motor control and power conversion circuits to improve switching performance.
The [alpha]1 and [alpha]2 extracellular domains are composed by two antiparallel a-helices on the top of 6 [beta]-strands.
However, Azimi and Rauk [165] were able to use MD simulations to demonstrate that A[beta]-copper coordinated structures can form both parallel and antiparallel conformations.
Those materials in which magnetic moments of equal magnitude arranged in antiparallel form are called anti-ferromagnetism.
The antiparallel combination of a SiC Schottky diode (the reason for using SiC instead of Si is described in [14]) IDW20S120 and high speed diode-less IGBT transistors IGW40N120H3 was chosen to overcome this drawback.
DNA, double stranded and antiparallel as a way for each strand to act as a template for semi-conservative replication, was the informational storehouse.
13) On electron microscopy, antiparallel beta pleated sheets can be observed.
The heat-shock gene hsp83 of Drosophila auraria: Genomic organization nucleotide sequence and long antiparallel coupled ORFs (LAC ORFs).