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(especially of vectors) parallel but oppositely directed

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The molecular organization of the M-line indicates that myomesin is one of its key components, forming antiparallel dimers that connect the thick filaments to the M-line, a role analogue to [alpha]-actinin in the Z-line (Agarkova & Perriard, 2005).
In case of antiparallel G-quadruplexes, the signals at 295 and 265 nm were seen to decrease and increase, respectively, by increasing the concentration of TO, phenomena which are indicative of the conversion from antiparallel to parallel folding.
Yu, "Contactless energy transfer systems using antiparallel resonant loops," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol.
The proton eigenstates labeled [[psi].sup.+] (parallel quark and baryon spins) and [[psi].sup.-] (antiparallel quark and baryon spins) have equal Fock state probability, a feature of "quark chirality invariance." Predictions for the static properties of the nucleons are discussed in [21].
The conduction loss of the antiparallel diode in the IGBT reads
Five strands ([beta]1: 4-10, [beta]2: 13-20, [beta]5: 41-45, [beta]8: 66-71, and [beta]9: 74-79) formed one antiparallel [beta] sheet except for a parallel pair, [beta]1 and [beta]9, and the other five strands ([beta]3: 22-27, [beta]4: 30-34, [beta]6: 47-54, [beta]7: 57-64, and [beta]10: 82-84) formed another antiparallel [beta] sheet.
The electron spins at A and B lattice positions are antiparallel to one another, whereas within A and B lattice positions they are parallel to one another.
LH region indicates the range of frequency where the slope of the curve is negative, and it also indicates antiparallel phase and group velocity.
The most important domain 4 is consists of eight b-sheets that are present in parallel and antiparallel fashion.
Chitosan is less crystalline than chitin due to the specific antiparallel chains of chitosan and their cross linking.
Current distributions were studied to find the mechanism for the absorption in the device, and unsurprisingly it is due to the same mechanism as the cut wire and cross shaped nanosurfaces [3,21], that is, due to antiparallel currents because of being excited in the metallic layers, inducing a magnetic moment inside the dielectric layer that can strongly interact with the magnetic field of the incident light [32].
If a ramp in SBP signal is followed by a ramp in PI signal at a particular time lag [tau] and if the ramps comprise either increasing or decreasing differences, such ramps form a "parallel stream." Similarly, antiparallel stream may be defined as an increasing SBP ramp followed by decreasing PI ramp at a time lag [tau] (and vice versa).
GPI-linked CEA also affects intercellular adhesion through antiparallel reciprocal self-interaction.
Figure 4 shows the TEY XAS spectra for a sample magnetization parallel ([[rho].sub.+]) and antiparallel ([[rho].sub.-]) to the photon helicity vector for a pure Co foil, the as-deposited film, and the annealed film.