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(especially of vectors) parallel but oppositely directed

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r] > 0 for both c || v and - c || v as follows from (11); that is, they represent always a redshift in the emission spectral line, regardless if the wave is emitted parallel or antiparallel with v.
Then, with the spin half-[pi] turned to lie on the horizontal plane (corresponding to the superposition of parallel and antiparallel components to the direction of the guide field), the neutrons pass through Slit 3 and enter the first resonator sample standing on a remote controlled high precision goniometer.
This antiparallel arrangement enhanced resistance, making the material likely to undergo bigger changes in resistivity when subjected to a magnetic field.
It is wired such that a switch can be used to put the coils "in phase," to generate magnetic fields, or in the "bucking mode," in which the two sets of coil are activated in an antiparallel direction (with the same current as in the in-phase condition) to cancel the fields generated by each other.
The [alpha]1 and [alpha]2 globular domains form a platform composed of an eight-stranded antiparallel ([beta]-sheet topped by two a helices.
Explain that their orientation would now be described as antiparallel, which also happens to be the orientation of the complementary strands of a DNA molecule.
11, 13 and 14), taking into consideration the two cases for parallel and antiparallel spins of quasiparticles in the two leads.
In one of the coupling terms, the spin is parallel to the overall single particle angular momentum and in the other term it is antiparallel to it.
Hence, it can be inferred lhal during crystallization process crystals grows primarily in 200 and 002 planes with chains arranged in an antiparallel fashion ([alpha] phase).
In addition, POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBTs are available co-packaged with a fast-recovery, antiparallel diode optimized for low reverse recovery charge, further enhancing performance in power switching applications.
Using speaker wire with two parallel leads allowed us to pass current through the parallel pair in a parallel or antiparallel mode.
In amyloidosis, fibrils are formed that appear arranged in an antiparallel conformation with a [beta]-pleated sheet structure when examined by x-ray diffraction.
With the spins antiparallel, the two magnetic moments cancel each other and the helium atom has no magnetic moment overall.
In addition, SMPS II IGBTs are available co-packaged with a fast-recovery, antiparallel Stealth(TM) diode to further enhance performance in switching power applications.
are aligned antiparallel to each other and annihilates into two photons with a lifetime of 0.