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In summary, this study demonstrated that serving as an antioncogene, overexpression or silencing of miR-24-3p resulted in obvious variations in the viability, growth, and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma cells.
Therefore, SOCS1 is a unique antioncogene that prevents carcinogenesis by suppressing chronic inflammation.
According to the author, "it is not an oncogene, nor an antioncogene, and it may be a mixture of both, but certainly it is an unremitting molecule pursuit the maintenance of the genome integrity" (HAINAUT & HOLLSTEIN, 2000).
To date, there is no argument favoring a viral infection or deregulation of a unique oncogene or antioncogene. (2) CT and magnetic resonance imaging can demonstrate findings consistent with Sjogren's syndrome.
We showed that when SPL is silenced in mouse embryonic fibroblasts, extracellular S1P activates STAT3 through an S1PR1-dependent pathway, resulting in decreased expression of the antioncogene CYLD, a negative regulator of NF[kappa]B [147] (Figure 4).